Denis Wood

Denis Wood - Artist

Artist, Author, Writer living in Raleigh, Geographer, Map theoretician, Professor of Design from 1974 1996

The Old Front Line

The Old Front Line - Base

Base, Famous English machinegun post of the Bowery, Paths of glory, Small, oblong pans in the mud, Main one roads of France, Snout, Reddish earth, Double, greater part of the crest, Way, Blind snags, Patchy, good, big stretch of this part, Deep, Regular, distinct, Swift, deep, full, clear water, Big, gradual, Three miles, Same pattern, Thick dust, Kind from the field gun, Big, steep chalk hill with contours, Steep ground, Heap, Outer wall, Casting, Grassy space, Expanse of smoothish, tilted slopes, Beautiful expanse of clear chalk water, Several, small copses on ground, Three courses of brick, Wind


Teak - Tropical hardwood tree species

Tropical hardwood tree species, Important species of Myanmar, Large, deciduous tree, Durable one timbers in the world, Stable trees, 250,000 m


Mahogany - Important lumber

Important lumber, National tree of the Dominican Republic, Cheap, plentiful, best quality, Wood of choice

Kitchen knife

Kitchen knife - Knife

Knife, Large piece of steel, Small knife with a serrated blade, Large piece of steel


Tilia - Genus

Genus, Deciduous tree growing to 30 m, Deciduous tree growing to 25 m

The Flamingos

The Flamingos - Jake Carey by 1980

Jake Carey by 1980, Zeke Carey, Careys by 1990s, Satterfield, Zeke Carey, J, Johnson, Starling Newsome, Group of black five teenagers, Popular