Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa - Only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions

Only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions, Serious, reserved child, Autocrat, Eldest daughter of Holy, Roman Emperor Charles VI, Courageous, generous kind, Critical Marie Antoinette, Endowed, brilliant gifts with beauty

History of the United States

History of the United States - Richer, most parts of Britain

Richer, most parts of Britain, Equalitarian Pennsylvania, Term for the common aspects, Single culture, Society, Protestant revival movement, Executive order, Allied victory in November, Bombing incident, Located, good, arable land, Military Allies of New France, Bad 1871 expulsion, Wooden, early, grave stones contained words, American, Indian tribe, Full firsts

South Pacific Mandate

South Pacific Mandate - Number

Number, League of Nations, Financial liability for the Japanese government, Koror in the Palau islands

Racism in the United States

Racism in the United States - Theory

Theory, Number, Racial slavery, Moral context, Racial presumption, Appearance, Ghost, Major, economic activity in the U, Subject of the Pigford, Large, nationwide organization, Part of a religion, Vivid incidents of racial violence, Dead ghost, Wall

History of the Balkans

History of the Balkans - Area

Area, Ottoman rule throughout the early, modern period, Dead World War II, Uralic people, Two wars, Diverse, tolerant place for religious practices, Christian church in Bosnia

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis - First choice

First choice, Plantation owner in the 1840s by 1836, Third president of the United States, Second wife of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, Memorial, Kentuckian

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth - Former United States

Former United States, Military installation, Part of the Staten Island Unit, Headquarters of the 102nd Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade from 1948 1952

List of squadrons and flotillas of the Royal Navy

List of squadrons and flotillas of the Royal Navy - 5th

5th, Major, strategic requirement, Civilian businessman, 8th Submarine Flotilla, Part of the the Atlantic Fleet, Permanent Secretary, Major aspect of this organisation, Allocation of specific divisions, Ones of balance, Continuous Operation with convoys, Many conditions in Greece, Operational war, Responsible operations at Harwich, Command of the Allied Naval Expeditionary Force commander

Selim III

Selim III - Modern man

Modern man, Reformist ruler, Son of Mustafa III, Religious, patriotic, Interested, western music

History of the United Kingdom

History of the United Kingdom - Permanent defeat of the Indian allies

Permanent defeat of the Indian allies, High Britain had the wealth, Business enterprise, Private business corporation, Prosperous, political crises, Government, First, major revision of the 1957 Treaty, Fortification, Pro entrepreneurs, Effect, Expensive, American market, Power with a progressive alliance, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, Erosional remnant of an ancient granite intrusion

Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes - British businessman

British businessman, Mining magnate, Biological, maximal racist, Peripheral, influential character in the the Historical, novel Covenant, Ultimate imperialist, Supreme imperialist, Difficult subject, BSAC

Revolt of the Admirals

Revolt of the Admirals - Formation of Twentieth Air Force

Formation of Twentieth Air Force, 30,000 pounds than the lighter aircraft, Traditional, naval role of sea control, Major problem during World War, Defensive armament of the carrier, General increase in purchases, Complex, Expensive arrangement, Secretary of Defense Forrestal, Smaller United States, Important light of the worldwide, naval situation, Useless, military terms, Voracious consumers of fuel, Vessels, Independent availability of land bases, Larger, heavier World War

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Ahmad Shah Massoud - Afghan

Afghan, Political, military leader, Aged 48 target of a suicide attack, Responsible financing of the foundation

History of Spain

History of Spain - Part of the G6

Part of the G6, Storied country of stone castles, Observer, Organization, Storied country of stone castles, Scene of constant warfare, First, modern, global one empires


Boot - Type of footwear

Type of footwear, Available, different colours, Popular Glam rockers of the seventies, Knee, Hybrids of dessert boots

United States in the 1950s

United States in the 1950s - Decade

Decade, War, Military success, Canal, Council over the issue, Factor for either side, Responsible content from external sites, Same, Retreat from the position, Exaggerated will


Palermo - City of Southern Italy

City of Southern Italy, Main Sicilian, Industrial, commercial center, Home, Natural port, Key intersection on the Sicilian road network, Urban paradox, Annual ladies, Professional tennis event, Preferred, provincial, Carthaginian city of the Emperor Frederick II as the Royal Court, Warmest, main one cities in Europe on European route E90


Honduras - Home

Home, Several, important, Mesoamerican cultures, Vibrant country