Jane Addams

Jane Addams - Charter member of the American Sociological Society

Charter member of the American Sociological Society, Good student, Effective activist, Organizer, Social critic, Visible leader of a remarkable group, Activist, Prolific writer, Original, feminist thinker, Few one women of the era, Minority, Sensitive sense of superiority, High school in Cleveland


Knocknarea - Large hill west of Sligo town

Large hill west of Sligo town, Anglicization of an Irish name, 1096th, highest place in Ireland, Northerly summit in the Ox Mountains area, Western portion of a larger complex

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve - Transitional zone

Transitional zone, Upper Glacier Bay, Natural laboratory drawing scientists, Headquarters for the Conservation Study Institute, Development Although many sites, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National, Different ice, Favorable Forest Service


Vermont - Seventh, coldest, only, safest state in the New England region the country the nation

Seventh, coldest, only, safest state in the New England region the country the nation, Least, populous New England state, Largest producer of slate, Birthplace of former U, USL Premier Development League soccer club, First, 17th, highest state in the nation to join the U in 2007, Initial point of invasion, Home of Pollyanna, Headquarters of the smallest union, Temperate broadleaf, One four states, Country for construction, Fifth states with the greatest backlog, Many years

Big Sur

Big Sur - Incorporated town

Incorporated town, Area, Location of a Catholic monastery, Tourism based economy, Key habitat for the steelhead, Home, 1000 inhabitants, Center of that scene, Located, scenic Highway, Located Carmel

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires - Capital

Capital, Populous, multicultural, flat, walkable city being home, Seat of a Roman, Catholic, metropolitan archbishop, Financial, industrial, commercial hub of Argentina, Major center for psychoanalysis, Home, Several, private universities, Extensive day, Adjacent Buenos Aires province, High, international standards, Police force under the authority

Lord Chancellor

Lord Chancellor - Second, highest ranking of the Great Officers

Second, highest ranking of the Great Officers, Member of the Cabinet, David Lidington, Central character in the work, Sole patron of 157 livings, Senior representative of the Sovereign, Privy Counsellor, Minister with formal responsibility, Churchman, Highest Court officer for Canada from 1867 1875, Chief judge of the Court, Robert Henley, Last Lord Chancellor, Cases, One Church Commissioners

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park - U

U, Only NPS unit, Ninth unit in the National Park System, Popular, advanced rock climbers, Prime habitat for prairie falcon s


Ilkley - Spa town

Spa town, Civil parish, Shopping town, Home, Largest, oldest, literary festival, Urban district before 1974, Type, Keighley UK Parliament constituency, Yorkshire

Surin Islands

Surin Islands - Archipelago of five islands

Archipelago of five island s, Best place in Thailand, Part of Tambon Ko Phra Thong, Ko Surin Nuea, Ko Surin Tai, Rock islands with some dwarf trees, Unspoiled group of islands


Lydd - Town

Town, Electoral ward, One time

Billy Bishop

Billy Bishop - Famous

Famous, One four Nieuport pilots from 60 Squadron, Highest one awards for aviation, Rookie in terms

Dennis Weaver

Dennis Weaver - American actor

American actor, President of the Screen Actors Guild from 1973 1975, Lifelong, active Democrat, Active, liberal, political causes

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas - Hotel

Hotel, Casino, Largest, single hotel in the United States, Home base of David Whele, Many casinos


Kenya - Member of the East African Community trade bloc

Member of the East African Community trade bloc, Presidential representative, Democratic Republic, Biggest, advanced economy in East, central Africa, Regional powerhouse in football, Active, several sports, 82