Major professional tennis tournaments before the Open Era

Major professional tennis tournaments before the Open Era - First, pro event

First, pro event, Open, amateur players, Small two nights, Redone placing Cochet, Stormy attendance, Fast playing surface, Identical two nights in 7,000 Chicago Stadium, Perry, Coup for Pyle, Forest Hills grass, Surface, Norton, Young Hans Nusslein, Don Budge, Close four sets, Larger, second day, Interesting, Dismal, low hundreds, Disappointing, first 3,000 day, Ethel Arnold, Decline, Excellent quality, Gains in attendance, Court though rallies, Unexpected, Identical U, Same scores, Stark, clear klieg lights, Atlanta for outdoor play, Problematic five candidates, Thin, Slower Fred continued the atmospheric conditions, Howard Kinsey from Europe

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - English rock band

English rock band, Forefront of the British Invasion, Prudential Center in Newark, Embedded rock than any other band, Strange, Thing, Everyone looks round, Heavy leather boys, Buddy Holly ones, Unsophisticated days, San Bernardino, L, Omaha with the motorcycles, Jerome Green with the maracas, Open tuning

Professional golf tours

Professional golf tours - Means

Means, Player, Controlled organisations, Lucrative one sports in the world, Unique sports, , Third, richest tour in recent years in 1990s

The King and I

The King and I - Immediate hit winning Tony Awards

Immediate hit winning Tony Award s, Edward Greenberg with the Robbins choreography, Special Sunday night show on June, Gertrude Lawrence, Time for a fourth, longest Broadway musical, Foreign, full, strange harmonies, , Available CD, Expression of fear

The Cult

The Cult - British rock band

British rock band, Brainchild of Ian Astbury, Impressive, previous three records, Subtle hint about those people, Something, Active two years

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf - Baseball fan

Baseball fan, Supporter of the northern, English football team Hartlepool United, Vegetarian for ten years

Grease (musical)

Grease (musical) - Escape

Escape, Prequel, Hair, First musical, Musical 1971 Jim Jacobs, Possession of a truth, Beginning

Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole of the Bailey - Such creation

Such creation, Comprehensive sewer experience for tourists, Acclaimed Thames commissioned a second Season, New adaptation of a classic Rumpole story, Street in a Little, modernist building

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen - Kennedy Center Honors in 2009

Kennedy Center Honors in 2009, Musical opener, Activist for LGBT rights, Kennedy Center honoree, Singer, Songwriter, Fond nickname, Recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, Subjects of frequent bootleg recording

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey - English singer

English singer, Actor, Supporter of the football club Arsenal, Judge for the 8th, annual Independent Music Awards in 2009, Conservative

Brian May

Brian May - English musician

English musician, Singer, Animal rights activist, Campaigning, Accomplished singer, Staunch supporter of the RSPCA, Vegetarian, Celebrity guest at the Genesis reunion concert, Unique guitar player