Consciousness - State

State, Quality, Complex feature of the world, Dynamic process, Adequate, descriptive answer, Cultural construction, Concern, Discussion


Egalitarianism - Trend

Trend, Protean doctrine, Normative ideal, Talented persons, Position that equality, Alternative way to develop the emphasis, Prescriptive, normative


Justice - Legal, philosophical theory

Legal, philosophical theory, Approach, Justice, Proper, harmonious relationship, Concept of cardinal virtue s, Ideal world, Rational mean between the vicious extremes, Moral, political virtue, Opposite of arbitrariness, Important, moral, political one concepts

Origin of the Albanians

Origin of the Albanians - Dardania

Dardania, Common, northern Africa, Replete events, Binomial GLM with a logit link function, Smaller, Evident Kosovar Albanians, DNA polymorphism, Clear dialects, Pytheas, 78 1600 stadia in circumference, Present, lower frequencies in Anatolia, Contrary, Place, Zones, Parallel equator

Gottlob Frege

Gottlob Frege - Harsh critic of psychologism

Harsh critic of psychologism, Ardent proponent of logicism, Opponent of formalism, German philosopher, Logician, German logician, Mathematician, One founders of modern, symbolic logic, One founders of analytic philosophy

Hendrik Lorentz

Hendrik Lorentz - Dutch physicist

Dutch physicist, Chairman of the first Solvay Conference, Man of immense, personal charm, President of the famous Solvay Conferences, Physicist

Virtual particle

Virtual particle - Particle

Particle, Nice, regular ripple in a field, Localized object with a definite mass, Virtual state, Stationary frame


Endometriosis - Condition

Condition, Gynecological, progressive disease affecting to 5 10 percent, Rare, right hemidiaphragm


Time - Indefinite, continued progress of existence

Indefinite, continued progress of existence, Component quantity of various measurement s, Kind of number, Measure of cycles, Mode, Ideal form of inner sense, Preferred method, Measurement of time, Organization of tasks, Fundamental, physical one seven quantities in the International System, Significant, social importance, One hour by convention

Business ethics

Business ethics - Form

Form, Huge field, Game, Activity, Part of the philosophy, Rules, Standards, View


Determinism - Philosophical position

Philosophical position, Common form of causal determinism, Idea that quantum indeterminacy, View that everything, General claim about the laws the relation the universe, Thesis about the laws, Abstract, theoretical ideal, Theory, Different kinds of claims, Consistent fact


Love - Variety of different, emotional, mental states

Variety of different, emotional, mental states, Emotional condition, Nothing, Physical response, Concupiscible power, Sensitive appetite as intellectual love, Godlike dilection, Same dilection


Curiosity - Quality

Quality, Emotion, Inexplicable itch, One personality traits

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Primary knower on this view

Primary knower on this view, Experimental result, Evidence, Tautology, Scientists, Better, earlier ones, Dubious consensus, Compounds in the other mixtures in one, Periods, One meaning of reference, Longer periods, Hardwig notes, Several one ways, Manhattan Project, New set of problems, Observation, Legitimate device