Sport in the United Kingdom

Sport in the United Kingdom - Notable diversity

Notable diversity, Popular, British, Irish School children, Responsible promotion of the Olympic Movement, Compulsory students up the age, Exclusivity of the membership, Verge, Winter sport since the the late 1990s elite competition, Smaller sport than rugby union, Super League, Event, Main world Championship for standalone riders, Enthusiastic promoter of disability sport, O arena in London, Reminder of the times, Perfect choice for a golfer, Welsh Cup, FAW Premier Cup

Ford Torino

Ford Torino - Automobile

Automobile, Upscale variation, Twin, Mercury Montego line, Top level wagon, Shadow, Majority of Torinos

Culture of the United Kingdom

Culture of the United Kingdom - Main theatre district in the UK

Main theatre district in the UK, Damehood, Traditional form of entertainment, Annual event, Tribute, Titanic, Cryptid, Popular, British, sweet bun, Important aspect of British culture, Major, rugby league Cup competition, Domestic competition in England, Dover in England, National flower of England, Common sight in gardens, Rise in single people, Location, Brainchild of politician William Ewart, First Formula, One World Championship race, Popular London, Scotland, Lord Rogers of Riverside, Vivid, red pitch, Premiership in England, Cold, windy winters, Challenge, England, Visible opening in the ceiling, Responsible education in Northern Ireland, Cleanlier, attractive Manhattan, Friendly, stylish, many cultures

Rugby union at the Summer Olympics

Rugby union at the Summer Olympics - National teams in the current sense

National teams in the current sense, France, Germany, Real, mish mash with no collective, tactical, technical knowledge, Target of hostility, Part of the Olympic Games, C, Time, Part of a wider tour, Brutal, One five sports, Confident sport, Past, present, southern Toulouse, Agen, Club

Sport in Japan

Sport in Japan - Host

Host, 2006 FIBA World Championship, Association member of icc cricket


Panama - Constitutional democracy from 1903 1968

Constitutional democracy from 1903 1968, Second country in Latin America, Home, Small Arab community, Land bridge between two continents, Spanish rule for 300 years, Few one countries

Sport of athletics

Sport of athletics - Collection of sport ing events

Collection of sport ing events, Part of the Paralympic Games, IAAF World Championships in athletics, Responsible regulation of the sport, One sports at the quadrennial Commonwealth Games competition, One sports at the biennial Summer Universiade competition

Horse racing

Horse racing - Equestrian performance sport involving more two horses

Equestrian performance sport involving more two horses, Significant part of the New Zealand economy, Common form, Horse, Popular sport in South Africa, Popular, ancient, Greek, Roman, Byzantine one sport s, Notable, Popular one sports in Mauritius, Eligible registration, Oval shape, Event in the National Games, Familiar element of horse racing


Latvia - Democratic Republic developed a country

Democratic Republic developed a country, Unitary State, Protestant Lutheran, Part of the Schengen Area, Member of the World Trade Organisation, Member of the United Nations, One EuroBasket

Mountain bike

Mountain bike - Ridden mountain

Ridden mountain, Available, tandem configurations, Available 1979 Lawwill, Cruiser, Specialized Stumpjumper


Ice - Water

Water, Important component of the global climate, Blockage from the movement, Formation of ice, Form of rotten ice, Circular formations of ice, Form of precipitation, Tools, Smaller hailstones


Hockey - National sport of Pakistan

National sport of Pakistan, Indoor variation of field hockey, National sport of Latvia, Variation of Roller hockey, Form of ice hockey, Schoolyard game, Form of hockey, Form of ice hockey, Form of hockey, Variation, Aspect of this culture, Demonstration sport at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, Different football, One priority disciplines


Sumo - Strong Europe

Strong Europe, Strict hierarchy, Amateur sport with participants


Glima - Widespread sport in the Viking Age

Widespread sport in the Viking Age, Traditional form of Scandinavian folk wrestling, Global organisation uniting all people, Official organisation for Glima, Important, Viking society, Popular Norway

The Sports

The Sports - Australian rock group

Australian rock group, Such mess, Stunning lesson, Perfect, unmarked, blue day, Final Parker encore, Great Marshmallow Coffees, Vibe

Allan Wells

Allan Wells - Former, British track

Former, British track, Field, IAAF Golden Sprints in 1981, IAAF World Cup gold medallist, Triple, long jump er, Able sprinter

Stuyvesant High School

Stuyvesant High School - College

College, Preparatory science, Hard place for a B student, People, Part peanut butter, Ten million pills, High school, High school with the highest number, Gridiron power, Neighborhood institution, Split sessions during that time

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu - Home of the double Oscar Winner a to declared five national parks

Home of the double Oscar Winner a to declared five national parks, Many, natural resources, Seventh, populous state in India, Land, Second, largest software exporter by value, Official language of Tamil Nadu, Dependent monsoon rains, Literate one states in India, 140 years, Largest one industries of film production


Sydney - Home

Home, Dozens, Highest, ranking city in the world, Host of several festivals, Annual, outdoor exhibition of art installations, Number, Coastal basin with the Tasman Sea, Home of Opera Australia, Expensive, real one estate markets


Ahmedabad - Second, largest cotton textile centre in India

Second, largest cotton textile centre in India, Fifth, populous city, Seventh, populous, urban agglomeration, Home, Large population, Largest, industrial center in Gujarat, Administrative headquarters of Ahmedabad district, Important city of Gujarat, Centre of the cotton industry, Few one cities in India, One six operating divisions in the western railway zone


Jerusalem - Seat of Jewish sovereignty for thousand

Seat of Jewish sovereignty for thousand, Home, Palestinian National Theatre, State broadcasting center of Israel, Several, prestigious universities, Jewish invention, Commercial, industrial city, East Tel Aviv