Visual acuity

Visual acuity - Measure of visual performance

Measure of visual performance, Subjective test meaning, Ability to detect differences, Measure of the spatial resolution, Dependent, optical, neural factors, Similar, high contrast


Bison - Good swimmers

Good swimmers, Herbivores eat simple foods, Grazers, Forage, Excellent, good source of complete protein thiamine, Shallow depression in the soil, Unpredictable, Same size as bison bonasus


Banksia - Genus

Genus, Present region of suitable rainfall, Shade of yellow orange, Heavy producers of nectar, Popular garden plants in Australia, Reliable source of insect larvae, Reddish color with an attractive grain

List of birds of Canada and the United States

List of birds of Canada and the United States - Variable size with slender bodies

Variable size with slender bodies, Only bird family, Gamebirds, Small, plump, terrestrial birds, Related quails, Smallest seabirds, Relatives, Group of tropical waders, Small birds, Small, stocky woodland species with short stout bills, Family of small passerine birds, Small family of birds, Group of passerine birds, Family of passerine birds, Group of birds, Group of passerine birds, Group of small, colorful passerine birds, Only Old World bird, Odd bird, Only, North, American representative, Group of small, insectivorous passerine birds, Only representative, Monotypic, Unsure, particular record

Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake - Brackish water lagoon

Brackish water lagoon, First Ramsar site in Asia, Home, Number, Ecosystem with large fishery resources, Home, Known population, Shallow lagoon with estuarine character, Integral part of the culture, Estuarine lagoon, Great value, Best one bird, One terminuses on the migratory flyways, Rich, invertebrate, vertebrate fauna

Limax maximus

Limax maximus - Type species of the genus Limax

Type species of the genus Limax, Large slug, Conspicuous member of the garden fauna, Pluriennial, multivoltine, iteroparous species with a lifespan, Omnivore consuming fungal mycelia, Significant plant pest, Distinctive, native, faunal element of many, European, wild places, Capable, associative learning, Common, subterranean shelters as such cellars, Pugnacious, Variable body coloration, Hermaphroditic individuals, One number of gastropod, Several, known one gastropod, Woodland, Forest species, Important consumers of macrofungi, Carnivorous

Sea cucumber

Sea cucumber - Echinoderms from the class Holothuroidea

Echinoderm s from the class Holothuroidea, Special group of marine invertebrates, Representative echinoderms in the class Holothuroidea, Prey, Many predators, Suspension feeders as currents, Only, substantial part of the skeleton, Tiger s tail, Preferred food, Length although the smallest, known species, Dioecious, separate male, 20 cm in length, Kingdom Animalia

Myrmecia (ant)

Myrmecia (ant) - Large genus of ants

Large genus of ants, Larval attendant, Butterfly, M, Primitive one group of ants, Few, several, ant one genera, Monomorphic, little variation among workers, Unique, particular species, Potent venoms from these ants

American crocodile

American crocodile - Species

Species, True crocodile, Plentiful Costa Rica, Aggressive interspecies interactions than the American crocodile, Rare, shy, many, few conflicts with people, Different one 13 species of crocodiles, Larger one crocodile species

Wren Day

Wren Day - Way

Way, Notable, vagrant, stray individuals

Carpet shark

Carpet shark - Sharks

Shark s, Group of sharks, Whale shark, Oviparous species, Largest shark