Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell - American musician

American musician, Singer, Member of a cover band in 1980s, Good Friends with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, 52 years in the old, First one people, Pronounced, dead doctor, Sober making of Revelations

The Lillywhite Sessions

The Lillywhite Sessions - Collection of songs

Collection of songs, Eager, official release of the sessions, Early demo, Remote parties in the infrequent, Way Steve Lillywhite tracked various cuts, Complete album, Monkey Man, Certain town in New Jersey, Abysmal message boards, Good community, Official power

At the Show

At the Show - Live album

Live album, Nuts, Trademark Ken Tamplin, Potpourri of many, musical influences, Latin for Save, Album of praise, Tight, sharp, Prayer for God, Evident, Upfront, Good lead vocals, Evident CD, Strong hooks are the playing, Special Treat, Lot, Advertising

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water

, Popular beginner guitarists, Available, downloadable track for the guitar game Rocksmith, Playable, online game Stick Dudes, Downloadable track in Guitar Hero II

Down Street tube station

Down Street tube station - Busy station

Busy station, Little, used trains, Obvious choice by the mid 1939 platform level, Last, original one Yerkes stations, Down Street in Mayfair

Whiskey in the Jar

Whiskey in the Jar - Rapparee

Rapparee, Grateful Dead, Title, Wrong, Loose sheet in the Pepys Library, Humours of London, Musical Miscellany, Observant, subsequent events in the last three verses, Hell, Quhen, Title of the tune

The Robot Ate Me

The Robot Ate Me

, Progressive nature, Tight, Target, Cerebral, heavenly, Subtle feature, Hummable melodies, Fluid, unpredictable Dutz, Strong recordings, Hummable feature, Dreamy arrangements, Master arrangers, Most part, Amazing, Good, Frantic, crazy, skewed, crazy, Tight bonkers, Sensitive, peculiar, Hidden, unnamed, thirteenth track, Jam band, Real screamer, Compelling, uplifting vision, Scream, RIOT, Something like a softer, looser Fountains, Andrew Barr, Brad Barr, Spirited, vocal harmonies

Still Life (Van der Graaf Generator album)

Still Life (Van der Graaf Generator album) - Good album by English

Good album by English, Sixth studio album from Van der Graaf Generator, First release after the magnificent Godbluff, One disc of full brilliance, Treat for Van der Graaf Generator fans, Cleanest VDGG album, Unique, progressive one rock albums, Tasteful fashion with Life

Rigobert Song

Rigobert Song - Cameroon ian

Cameroon ian, Former footballer, National ambassador for Cameroon, Part of the Cameroon squads the Cameroon squad


Bollywood - Part of the larger cinema

Part of the larger cinema, Largest one centers of film production, Biggest one film industries in the world, Successful, Oceanic countries, Popular Southeast Asia, Popular, former Soviet Union, Much, popular Nepal that Bollywood movies, Influential, many countries of South America, People as such Helen