Odstock - Village

Village, Civil parish, Biological site of special Scientific interest, 60

Alton Pancras

Alton Pancras - Small village

Small village, Civil, irregularly, shaped parish of 2,280 acres, West Dorset, Dorset Area of Outstanding, natural Beauty

Jane Addams

Jane Addams - Charter member of the American Sociological Society

Charter member of the American Sociological Society, Good student, Effective activist, Organizer, Social critic, Visible leader of a remarkable group, Activist, Prolific writer, Original, feminist thinker, Few one women of the era, Minority, Sensitive sense of superiority, High school in Cleveland

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island - Small island in the Pacific Ocean

Small island in the Pacific Ocean, Volcanic outcrop in the 8km, long, 5km, wide, 3855ha, Part of the Commonwealth, Home to breeding seabirds, Species of butterfly, Only, medical centre on the island, 1610kms ENE of Sydney, Subject of several experiments, Colony, Few one locations outside North America, Responsible delivery of government services

Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay - Bay on the located, eastern coast

Bay on the located, eastern coast, Only place in Australia, Only place in Australia, Home, Other, abundant wildlife, Large tree, Endemic, east coast, Site of conflict, Home, Lightship Rose, Smaller bays of Waterloo Bay, Shallow, sandy, substantive channel

Carter County, Missouri

Carter County, Missouri - County in the U

County in the U, Leader in wood products, Located Ozarks region of southeast Missouri, Rugged, southern Courtois Hills region of the southeastern Ozark Plateau


Louisiana - Only state in the U with an annual, average murder rate

Only state in the U with an annual, average murder rate, Community property state, Democrat John Bel Edwards, Controversial law, Amalgamation of French, Term, First site of petroleum drilling, Extensive, 25th, populous 31st 50 United States, Unique U, Rich petroleum

Lindholm Høje

Lindholm Høje - Iron Age

Iron Age, Viking Age burial site, Use, Large, commercial centre, Main, ancient one monuments of the late, prehistoric period

Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana - East, African rift feature

East, African rift feature, Unique feature of the East, African landscape, Closed basin with an estimated, annual evaporation rate is a sensitive proxy, Cultural crossroads, Microcosm, Imaginary boundary of the Rendille, Home, Hundreds, Incubator of early livestock, Focus of humanitarian efforts, Doum palm s


Uruma - Home

Home, Numerous sites, Located center of Okinawa Island

Sturminster Newton

Sturminster Newton - Town

Town, Civil parish, Home of the annual UK Boogie Woogie Festival, Quiet, civil war, Blackmore Vale Electoral Division of one 42 divisions

Alice Hamilton

Alice Hamilton - American physician

American physician, Research scientist, Scientist, Prominent critic in 1925, Tireless researcher, Crusader, Pioneer, First woman on the Harvard faculty, Second, oldest five siblings


Paramaribo - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Business, Financial centre, Corruption of the name


Praia - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Melting pot as every Cabo Verde Island, Home, National Library, Several sports teams, First site in Cabo Verde


Skopelos - Name of the main port

Name of the main port, Matrilineal society, One breed in the southern, multicoloured group, Several one islands, Greenest one islands in the Aegean Sea

History of the Jews in Colonial America

History of the Jews in Colonial America - Devoted frequenters of the public libraries

Devoted frequenters of the public libraries, Traders, California pioneers, Interested, Alaskan fur company, Welcome Massachusetts Bay Colony, Spanish, Spanish, Portuguese extraction, Important, eighteenth century, Prominent actors as dramatic authors, Rodeph, Dr, Benjamin Levy, 200, National Registry of historic places, Use Today as a synagogue, Hands of Russian Jews, Times after a few years, Responsible guaranties, Five miles from present day Newburg


Swellendam - 3rd, oldest town in the Republic

3rd, oldest town in the Republic, Flourishing, agricultural area has many, attractive, historic buildings, Last outpost of Dutch civilisation, Third, European town, Magisterial district

John Garamendi

John Garamendi - American rancher

American rancher, Businessman, Eagle Scout, Member of Sigma Chi, Graduate of the University, Good man with extraordinary skills, California Insurance Commissioner from the 1991 1995 2003 2007 U