Biotechnology - Set of techniques

Set of techniques, General category, Use of modern, scientific techniques, Tool, Term, Biotechnology applied to agricultural processes, Application of biotechnology, Selective breeding of plants, Dependent Embryology


Kouprey - Grazing in open areas

Grazing in open areas, Nothing than a more hybrid cross, Hybrid, Late Dr Charles H Wharton, US conservationist

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam - Versatile scholar in interested Urdu

Versatile scholar in interested Urdu, Great person, Great scientist, Ahmadi, Greatest scientist, First Pakistani Nobel Prize winner, Continuation, Private individual, First Pakistani to receive Nobel Prize, True hero, Jewel in the crown, Great people, One pioneers of Pakistan, Scientist, Whole Pakistan


Tundra - Home

Home, Several peoples, Great place for migratory birds, Fragile environment, Cold, useless wasteland, Carbon sink in 1970s, Today, Devoid poikilotherm s as such frogs, Coldest biomes, Located mountains throughout the world, Desert

Homo habilis

Homo habilis - Species of the tribe Hominini

Species of the tribe Hominini, First hominin to master stone tool technology, Master hunter, Ancestor of Homo erectus, Complicated species, Accordance with craniodental evidence, Sophisticated, typical australopithecines

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - Renowned polymath leading a author

Renowned polymath leading a author, Advocate of free speech, Pioneer in the study, Avid chess player, Enthusiastic supporter of the evangelical minister George Whitefield, 75 Dashkova, First person in history, Busy hundred matters, Prominent figure in American history


Comet - Icy

Icy, Small Solar System body

Killer whale

Killer whale - One 35 species in the oceanic dolphin family

One 35 species in the oceanic dolphin family, Apex predator s, Largest, extant members of the dolphin family, Seasonal visitors, Arctic waters, Sophisticated, effective predators of marine mammal s, Unique cetaceans, Popular whale watchers, Similar appearance, Antarctic type C killer whales

Palm Islands

Palm Islands - Artificial three islands

Artificial three island s, Palm Jumeirah, Artificial peninsulas, Artificial archipelago in Dubai, Artificial islands, Prince, Three man made islands, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Host, Hotel, More entertainment destination for both adults


HeLa - Cell type in an immortal cell line

Cell type in an immortal cell line, Name given to cells, Suspect, Many scientists, First, human cells cloned Demand in 1953, Perfect tool, Welcome development for researchers


Laughter - Physical reaction in humans

Physical reaction in humans, Part of human behavior, Social mechanism, Audience, Violent activity, Social signal, Egocentric expression, Pleasant experience, Reminder that all science concerns

Wen Ho Lee

Wen Ho Lee - Serious threat

Serious threat, National security, Likely suspect, Target, Subject of a grand jury investigation, Victim of selective prosecution, Individual, Physicist, Prime suspects, Document, Active investigation during the very time by the FBI, Dormant November until 1995 2 1995 may, Fact, Taiwan, Shackles, Restraints