Dill - Annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae

Annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae, Unique plant, Useful addition to cough cold flu remedies, Popular household condiment, Important herbs, Intolerant root disturbance, Common part of a Beijing breakfast

Pandanus tectorius

Pandanus tectorius - Species of Pandanus

Species of Pandanus, Angiosperm, Small tree of significant, social, cultural value, Ovoid, Ellipsoid, Salt, Wind, 14 m, Fire than some tolerant, other, coastal trees, Dioecious, Tolerant, strong salt winds, Male, female, Colonizers of disturbed coastline, Uncommon feature in botanic collections, Important food source for the stick insect Megacrania batesii


Cassava - Major staple food

Major staple food, Productive crop in terms, Third, important, major source of calories low cost carbohydrates, Perennial woody shrub, Tropical root crop, Famous presence, Rich starch

Ailanthus altissima

Ailanthus altissima - Dioecious male

Dioecious male, Widespread, rural, urban areas, Present Massachusetts in the east, west, southern Ontario, Last one trees, Opportunistic plant


Bwiti - Numerous

Numerous, Universal religion, Widespread Gabon in the interior

Arabidopsis thaliana

Arabidopsis thaliana - Small flowering plant

Small flowering plant, Native Eurasia, Small, annual winter, Annual rosette plant, Small, annual herb, Human commensal in North America, Popular model organism in plant biology, FLS2, Small plant, 2 25 cm, Central, genetic model, Universal reference organism, First plant, RPS2, Such plant, Chromosomes, Edible humans as a salad, Small, Smaller size

Imperata cylindrica

Imperata cylindrica - Species of grass

Species of grass, Serious weed in crops, Old World species with the exception, Perennial grass, Invasive species in Micronesia, Prolific producer of seeds, Strong competitor with plantation, Inferior forage crop for domesticated animals, Alternative host, Type of grass, Ubiquitous, humid tropics of West Africa, Intolerant shade, Low, heavy fertilization

Brachial plexus

Brachial plexus - Network of nerves

Network of nerves, Somatic nerve plexus, Neurological disorder, Responsible, cutaneous, muscular innervation of the entire, upper limb, Hard landing, Injuries

Sweet potato

Sweet potato - Dicotyledon ous plant

Dicotyledon ous plant, Part of the Solanaceae family, Side dish, Traditional, favorite dish in Southern U, Important crop on Pacific islands


Comfrey - Common name for plants

Common name for plants, Trouble, Excellent source of potassium, Excellent weed competitor, Corruption of con firma, Rich calcium, Only plant, Important herb s in organic gardening


Lakshmi - Important deity in Jainism

Important deity in Jainism, Power of Vishnu, Embodiment of the creative energy, Group of secondary eight manifestations, Many, Hindu one deities