Cagayan River

Cagayan River - Important transport artery with towns

Important transport artery with towns, Second, longest river in the Philippines, Largest tributary of the river Mindanao, Largest, tributary, estimated, annual discharge of cubic 9,808 million meters

Elwha River

Elwha River - River on the Olympic Peninsula

River on the Olympic Peninsula, Site of the largest dam removal project, Second, largest ecosystem restoration project, National Park Service, Olympic National Park

St. Johns River

St. Johns River - Located portion of the peninsula

Located portion of the peninsula, Consideration as an additional water source, Public ownership as part, Home, 183 species, Other one Nile, Natural waterway, Wekiva River, Important, commercial crop on the southeast side


Rhine - Eastern, European rivers Dnieper

Eastern, European rivers Dnieper, Don, Spectacular reach of the river, Border between France, Longest river in Germany, 765 miles, Significant, cultural landscape in Central Europe


Belfast - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Major port, Home over Gaelic twenty football of the biggest, British one ice hockey clubs, Local council with responsibility, Regional specialist centre for haematology, Large, further education college with main three campuses, Home town of Manchester United legend George, Western end of Belfast Lough


Manipur - Home

Home, Many sports, Small state, Species endemism

Eel River (California)

Eel River (California) - Major river of northwestern California

Major river of northwestern California, Member of the Athabaskan language family, Active areas in California, Located California Coast, Underlain, sedimentary rock of the Franciscan assemblage, Major rail transport corridor throughout the 20th century


Malwa - Several times

Several times, Centre of Sanskrit literature, Challenge, Monopoly, Land of plenty, Name of a large tract


Yangtze - Home

Home, Sophisticated, Neolithic Cultures