Aflatoxin - Prevalent 1 form of these potent toxins

Prevalent 1 form of these potent toxins, Common, hepatotoxic, carcinogenic, immunosuppressive, antinutritional contaminant of foods many, staple food commodities, Present fermentation broth of Aspergillus parasiticus


Curiosity - Quality

Quality, Emotion, Inexplicable itch, One personality traits

Anger management

Anger management - Result of frustration

Result of frustration, Active, normal, healthy, human emotion, Popular subject of study, Internal state involving various degrees, Beneficial law enforcement

Sociology of the family

Sociology of the family - Interwoven

Interwoven, Men with low education, Necessary area, Women, Doctors, Polarizing results, Monument of scholarship, Asocial respecter of rules


Psychology - Science of behavior

Science of behavior, Orientation toward the whole, Study, Study, Popular topic in Enlightenment Europe, Present, largest specialization within psychology


Taro - Popular dish in hilly region

Popular dish in hilly region, Minor crop in the Philippines, Delicacy, Traditional staple food crop for large parts, Sliced, deep fried, Devastating disease of taro, Serious pest, Dominant root crop in tonnage before 1993, Few one crops, Available, fresh, frozen UK, Commercial footing, Present Irian Jaya in the rest, Absent


Anger - Emotional reaction

Emotional reaction, Distinct strategy of social influence, Interesting emotion for psychologists, Displaced violence

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus - Species of gram

Species of gram, Homofermentative, microaerophilic species fermenting sugars, Part of the vaginal microbiota, Type of friendly bacteria, Fermented foods like yogurt

Green tea

Green tea - Type of tea

Type of tea, 90 percent, Total polyphenols, Perishable matcha, Accessible counter in various forms, Likely, major contributor of flavonols


Perception - Organization

Organization, Identification, Process, Part of perception, Process, Oldest one fields in psychology

Music therapy

Music therapy - Non, verbal approach

Non, verbal approach, Person, Developmental approach, Music therapy, Best choice for the client, Available Monday through Friday, Effective subjects with mixed diagnoses, Simple design, Humanistic philosophy


Pemphigus - Rare group of blister ing

Rare group of blister ing, General term for a group, Specific form of pemphigus foliaceus, Rare, blistering disease, Common form of the disorder pemphigus, Rare disorder, Rare, autoimmune disease, Group of autoimmune, blistering diseases, General term for a group, Least, severe three varieties, Prevalent Africa


Agoraphobia - Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder, Extreme, irrational, intense fear of open, public places, Condition, Type of anxiety disorder

Influence of mass media

Influence of mass media - Actual force

Actual force, Measurable effects, Transactional, many theories assume reciprocal, causal relationships, Powerful guardians of proper, political behavior, Complex five features

Active learning

Active learning - Form

Form, Active process, Effective way for a pair, Process, Successful way to learn different material, One type of constructivist learning, Effective


Loneliness - Complex

Complex, Unpleasant emotion al response, Same thing, Temporary nature