Kaluga Oblast

Kaluga Oblast - Part of the Transneftproduct system

Part of the Transneftproduct system, Federal subject of Russia, Important centre of the Slavic, native faith movement, Lead with 356,000 sq, Advanced one territories of the Russian Federation, First, Russian one regions, Leaders by volume, 4th Central Federal District by volume

Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire and the Humber - First county of England

First county of England, Home, Rail land speed record, Numerous Premier League, Name given to the River, River Don, Largest settlement, Largest part, Wettest part with average, annual totals, One two regions, Largest, financial one centres in the United Kingdom, Kirkstall Road, Bradford College, Grimsby Institute


Bangladesh - Middle power developing a nation

Middle power developing a nation, Rich, fertile, flat land, Home, Significant Ismaili community, Independent body for responsible, judicial appointments, Largest one contributors, Located Indomalaya ecozone, Located Ramna

Appalachian Plateau

Appalachian Plateau - Series of rugged, high plains

Series of rugged, high plains, Northwestern part of the Appalachian Mountains, Second level United States, Physiographic region, Home, Wide variety, Sedimentary rocks of similar age, Mountain range, Underlain rocks of Mississippian

Southern California

Southern California - Home

Home, Large, homegrown surf, Many sports franchises, Number, Home, Many, major business districts, Famous tourism

Capital District, New York

Capital District, New York - Part of the area

Part of the area, Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Albany Metropolitan Statistical Area, Several, regional amusement parks, Water park s, Catholic two schools, Siena College, Notable, many, historical events

Kaliningrad Oblast

Kaliningrad Oblast - Federal subject of the Russian Federation

Federal subject of the Russian Federation, Area of square 15,100 kilometers, Headquarters of the Russian, Baltic fleet, Fourth, populated, federal subject in Russia, Significant, economic importance, Coextensive one half of the former territory


Malwa - Several times

Several times, Centre of Sanskrit literature, Challenge, Monopoly, Land of plenty, Name of a large tract


Somalia - Home around 727 species

Home around 727 species, Parliamentary representative democracy Republic, Member of many, international organizations, Major world supplier of frankincense, National bourse of Somalia, Top of the fragile states index


Pittsburgh - Home of the several one state

Home of the several one state, Number, Popular amusement park Kennywood, Birthplace of Gertrude Stein, Home, Four Commonwealth campuses, City of bridges, Limelight with the popular Studio Wrestling, Free, natural disasters

Metro Manila

Metro Manila - Located, southwestern portion of Luzon

Located, southwestern portion of Luzon, 7 construction, Main gateway, Philippines, Home of the largest shopping malls, Popular gaming destination in Asia, National Museum, Home over 25 million Manila, Number, World city centuries before San Francisco, Rugby league team training

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice - Type of rice

Type of rice, Ground to make glutinous rice flour, Staple food in some areas, Distinct strains from white, glutinous rice


Lorraine - Home

Home, Rich, authentic, gastronomic tradition, Only, French region to have borders, Part of France

Geography of the Soviet Union

Geography of the Soviet Union - Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people

Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people, Tashkent, Capital, Tadzhikistan, Fertile Triangle, Elite organization, Highest, administrative unit in the Communist party, Highest, legislative body, Ranking member of the Politburo, Endowed, major category of natural resource, Many ways, High, One investment, Varied, major factor was weather, Mount Elbrus, Great lovers of music, Sergei Prokofiev, Nikolai Miaskovsky, Black Azov seas, Caspian Sea


Donbass - Home

Home, Higher number, Russophone region


Peru - Biodiverse country with habitats

Biodiverse country with habitats, Representative, democratic Republic, Active member of several, regional blocs, Multiethnic nation, Seat of several, prominent, Andean civilizations, Country of immigration