Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant - German philosopher

German philosopher, Impressed book, Central figure in modern philosophy, Primary proponent in History, Influential one philosophers in the History, Sympathetic, many parts of empiricism, Earliest one exponents of the idea, Fourth nine children, First one philosophers, Skeptical theism, First people, Solid, unspectacular student

Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi - Seventeen years

Seventeen years, Old, lanky, freckled lass, Mistress of the situation, Patron of International Animal Rescue, More, photogenic face, London for the India Festival


Darjeeling - Town

Town, Municipality, Headquarters of the DARJEELING DISTRICT, Main town of the Sadar subdivision

Fusion power

Fusion power - Form of power generation

Form of power generation, Hypothetical type of nuclear reaction, Tokamak, Possible, repulsive, electrostatic forces, One number of private efforts, Fusion reaction

Geography of the Soviet Union

Geography of the Soviet Union - Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people

Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people, Tashkent, Capital, Tadzhikistan, Fertile Triangle, Elite organization, Highest, administrative unit in the Communist party, Highest, legislative body, Ranking member of the Politburo, Endowed, major category of natural resource, Many ways, High, One investment, Varied, major factor was weather, Mount Elbrus, Great lovers of music, Sergei Prokofiev, Nikolai Miaskovsky, Black Azov seas, Caspian Sea


Philo - Original thinker

Original thinker, Certain body, Undecided sensibility, Interested, allegorical interpretation for the most part, Other hand

Modal logic

Modal logic - Type of formal logic

Type of formal logic, General study of representation, Expression, One example of this trend, Persistent assertions, Replete examples of this phenomenon

Henry VII of England

Henry VII of England - King of England

King of England, Last king of England, Thirteen years to understand the old, old, enough danger, King of England, First, European one monarchs, Prostrate grief


Deism - Philosophical position

Philosophical position, Theological theory concerning the relationship, Natural religion, Meaningful one

Lua (programming language)

Lua (programming language) - General purpose

General purpose, Embedded programming language, Portable language, Fast language engine with small footprint, Extension programming language, Efficient, independent benchmarks show Lua, First TeCGraf product, Extensible

Polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies - Antibodies

Antibodies, Valuable tools in the laboratory, Serum immunoglobulins, Host proteins, Glycoproteins, Enormous utility in applications, IgG type

SAS (software)

SAS (software) - Software suite

Software suite, Procedural programming language, Pieces of code, First SAS office outside the United States


Cumulant - Mean

Mean, Second, corresponding, joint cumulant, Times, N times, Variance


Physicalism - View that mental states

View that mental states, Thesis, Methodological naturalism because physicalism, Epistemic optimism, Background, Metaphysical assumption, Original target of the multiple realizability argument

Data structure alignment

Data structure alignment - Way data

Way data, Fundamental issue for all modern computers, Property of a memory address, Address, Definition, Dependent implementation

David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George - Devout, evangelical icon of 20th century liberalism

Devout, evangelical icon of 20th century liberalism, Intelligent boy, Strong supporter of land reform, Only Liberal Party member in the War Cabinet, Wonderful orator, Trickster, Frustrated, limited gains of the Somme Offensive, Interested reform of land ownership, Conflict with McKenna, Margins of British politics, Left of the party, Quiet plans, Staunch Nonconformists