Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake - Sacred lake of the Hindus

Sacred lake of the Hindu s, Divine spot, Pilgrims, Central, divine theme for the popularity, Famous pilgrimage center of Rajasthan, Sacred town for the Hindus, Artificial lake, Located latitude of 31 o, Located center of India, Rich fish, 1090 km at the 2 time, Largest one freshwater


Beed - Historical city in central region of medieval origin

Historical city in central region of medieval origin, 400 km from Mumbai, Home, Several, historical buildings, Part of the State, Beautiful city during Bahmanids, Place in Marathwada region, Worst one eight hit districts in the State, International news in August, Poorest one districts of Maharashtra

Geography of the Falkland Islands

Geography of the Falkland Islands - Nature reserves

Nature reserves, Peaks of a submerged volcano, Representative of the winds, Highest points at Mount Usborne, Mount Hamilton at 433 m, Mixture of mountains, Peat, Natural vegetation, Westerly, particular direction, Speed, Northern edge of the winter ice pack, Ice has no free, permanent snow cover, September with an average speed, January, Driest July, Buckles Bay, Hilly side, Winter precipitation, Antarctic convergence zone, 150 km, Indented fjords, Located, south, eastern portion of the island, Cloudy, dull rain, More 1600 km, Located 49 o s, 7,000 km 2, Volcanic origin

Hurricane Opal

Hurricane Opal - Category

Category, 4 hurricane, Ninth hurricane of the strongest, active 1995 Atlantic hurricane season

Dead Sea

Dead Sea - Salt lake

Salt lake, Deepest hypersaline lake in the world, Endorheic, terminal lake in the located Jordan Rift Valley of the Jordan Rift Valley, Jericho, 420 metres below sea level, Located Jordan Rift Valley,


Gumla - City

City, Administrative headquarters of Gumla District, Southern part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau, Lohadaga province during british rule

Edwards Aquifer

Edwards Aquifer - Group of limestones

Group of limestones, Home, Large number, Sole environment for the rare Barton Springs salamander, Diverse fauna, Political subdivision of the state, Body of rock, Productive, karst aquifer, Artesian aquifer, Prolific, artesian one aquifer S in the world, Variable, hydrologic character, Jurisdictional boundaries of the Edwards Aquifer Authority


Meerut - Busiest

Busiest, Important, industrial one towns of Western Uttar Pradesh, Major one manufacturing regions for sports goods, Prominent one center in the country, Second, Largest city in the National Capital region, Rich, agricultural area with such pockets, Hub of gold design for fake protein powder supplements, Largest manufacturer of musical instrument s, Home, Battle gear, Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Meerut Diocese, Education hub of Western Uttar Pradesh, Place, Part of Meerut Division, Capital, Divisional headquarters of the 7th Division, First one cities in northern India


Compost - Organic matter

Organic matter, Key ingredient in organic farming, Rich nutrients, Strict aerobes


Stockholm - Cultural media

Cultural media, Political, economic centre, Seat of the Swedish government, Media centre of Sweden, Administrative unit, Largest Pride event in the Nordic countries, Summer festival, Junction of the European routes E4, Places with diverse, cultural background, Popular summer festival


Harare - Capital

Capital, Populous city, Metropolitan province, Home, Harare Sports Club ground, Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League clubs Dynamos F, Host city of the 8th Assembly in 1998


Yeovil - Bristol

Bristol, Main, Roman road from Dorchester, Centre of the glove during 1800s, County constituency, Home, Ivel Barbarians Rugby Club, Small railway museum at Yeovil Junction, Pleasant market town