Ken Rosewall

Ken Rosewall - Only player

Only player, 18 years, Best claycourt player as Laver, Finalist at the 1974 US, Top player in tennis, Best, male one two players, Gonzales on this tour

Major professional tennis tournaments before the Open Era

Major professional tennis tournaments before the Open Era - First, pro event

First, pro event, Open, amateur players, Small two nights, Redone placing Cochet, Stormy attendance, Fast playing surface, Identical two nights in 7,000 Chicago Stadium, Perry, Coup for Pyle, Forest Hills grass, Surface, Norton, Young Hans Nusslein, Don Budge, Close four sets, Larger, second day, Interesting, Dismal, low hundreds, Disappointing, first 3,000 day, Ethel Arnold, Decline, Excellent quality, Gains in attendance, Court though rallies, Unexpected, Identical U, Same scores, Stark, clear klieg lights, Atlanta for outdoor play, Problematic five candidates, Thin, Slower Fred continued the atmospheric conditions, Howard Kinsey from Europe

Pikmin 2

Pikmin 2 - Sequel

Sequel, Innovative, perfect game for the DS, 2 Masterpiece from Miyamoto, Real 2 winner, Deep 2 level, Cool 2 midgets, Other types, Real

Eve Online

Eve Online - Peerless

Peerless, Multiplayer online game, Leader in online gaming technology


Pikmin - First type

First type, Only variety of Pikmin, Good game, Refreshing one games

Slot machine

Slot machine - Deterministic outcomes

Deterministic outcomes, New phenomenon, Casino in small shops, Bonus mode, Measure of risk, Mindless, repetitive, insidious form of gambling, Animated 1934 horse race machine called PACES RACES


MUD - Habitat

Habitat, First Adventure game to support multiple users, AberMUD

Fast chess

Fast chess - Variation of chess

Variation of chess, Particular variation, Vassily Ivanchuk from Ukraine, Popular format in online chess

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt - Arcade Vs

Arcade Vs, Shooting simulation, Timeless classic, Timeless classics, Everyone, Abundant one NES cartridges in existence today


Oware - Ashanti

Ashanti, Abstract strategy game, Oldest board game, Name given to the game, Game between two people, Available, simple travel editions