Lychee - Sole member of the genus litchi

Sole member of the genus litchi, Mite, serious pest, Livelihood security for a large population, Excellent, fresh fruit, Drought in the tolerant, Renowned group of edible fruits, Suitable use of ladders, Restricted clay soil

Muzaffarpur district

Muzaffarpur district - Part of Tirhut Division

Part of Tirhut Division, Important centre for the wholesale cloth trade, Nearest town, Bahilwara Gobind, Bahilwara Rupnath, Important centre for the wholesale cloth trade, Main railway junction with suburban two stations, Largest, commercial, educational one Center in North Bihar, Located Muzaffarpur

Tilia cordata

Tilia cordata - Species of Tilia

Species of Tilia, Easy tree, National tree of the Czech Republic, Present woodland tree in the southern Lake District C, Present Lake District by 5000 4800 B


Taro - Popular dish in hilly region

Popular dish in hilly region, Minor crop in the Philippines, Delicacy, Traditional staple food crop for large parts, Sliced, deep fried, Devastating disease of taro, Serious pest, Dominant root crop in tonnage before 1993, Few one crops, Available, fresh, frozen UK, Commercial footing, Present Irian Jaya in the rest, Absent

Cucurbita pepo

Cucurbita pepo - Species of great, economic importance

Species of great, economic importance, Direct descendant of C, Early, domesticated form of C, Species with the greatest susceptibility of the genus, Large, diverse species, Present, eastern U, United States, Known one species of Cucurbita


Rice - Seed of the grass species Oryza sativa

Seed of the grass species Oryza sativa, Major, staple food, Main export of Thailand, Major food staple, Mainstay, Good source of protein, Important crop in Asia, Life, Scientific perspectives, Starchy grain, Migratory endoparasite, Kind, 4 times over expensive wheat flour, First crop with a complete genome sequence, Dependent rainfall, Opportunistic area, Popular Nigeria, 3 times, Earliest one crops


Pea - Fruit

Fruit, Prostrate vines at maturity, Present Georgia in the 5th, millennium BC, Starch in the 36, Overmature, Strong competitor, Poor germination, Indeterminate type, Typical, many vegetables


Kiwifruit - National fruit of China

National fruit of China, Fuzzy kiwifruit from the species a, Rich source of vitamin C, New crop in California, Very acid in taste

Alessandro Manzoni

Alessandro Manzoni - Italian poet

Italian poet, Novelist, Slow developer at the various colleges, Chief exponent of an Italian, Romanticism, higher claim


Betel - Leaf of a vine

Leaf of a vine, Evergreen, Perennial climber, Sun, Loving plant, Profitable, other crops