Tamils - Hindus

Hindu s, Many practice, Majority in the union territory, Descendants, Descendants of the Tamils

The Incredible String Band

The Incredible String Band - Psychedelic folk band

Psychedelic folk band, Bit in the bemused, hostile, Slides, Bit, Acoustic folk duo with the addition, Lyrics of Dylan Thomas, Ambitious, critical response, Woody Guthrie, Soul, Lot of things


Dresden - Recent city of Germanic origin

Recent city of Germanic origin, Home, Dynamo Dresden, Regional Commission, Military subdistrict Command, Traditional location for army officer schooling, Former world heritage site, Only, independent operetta in Germany, Orchestra of the city, Capital of a German land, Centre of the German Revolutions European, modern art, Capital of the first Free State between 1918 1934, Legitimate, military target, Seat of the royal household, Few, German one cities, Protestant, Successful, German Universities Excellence Initiative of the Federal Ministry, American football team in the German football League, Way

Ford Torino

Ford Torino - Automobile

Automobile, Upscale variation, Twin, Mercury Montego line, Top level wagon, Shadow, Majority of Torinos