Communication - Act

Act, Process, Social interaction, Important mean, Intentional people communicate a great deal, Study of the communication perspective, Important process, Relevant one tools in political strategies, Interactive, important influence, Proper, discreet girl


Chhath - Ancient Hindu

Ancient Hindu, Vedic, Hindu, important, friendly festival of the Hindu religion celebrated each year, Arduous observance requiring the worshipers, Most environment, Occasion for singing

Culture of Nicaragua

Culture of Nicaragua - Home

Home, Extinct 3 language S, Southernmost area, Constitutional demos with racy executive, Agricultural, largest, Central, American, largest country with borders in Central America, Construction, Member of the Central American Common Market, Secular state, Mixture, Bankrupt, Poorest one countries in the western hemisphere, Poorest one nations in the western hemisphere, 160 km

Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions - Koleduvane

Koleduvane, State holiday in India, National, official, statutory, secular holiday in Lebanon Mexico, Prepared celebration, Public holiday in Nigeria, Important day of Christmas, Days, Normal evening, Public holiday in South Korea, Public holiday in Singapore, Celebrated, festive holiday in the United States, Celebratory meal, Family, Public holiday in Colombia, Main event of the night, Popular, urban, middle class in the country, Uncommon parts of Newfoundland, Occasion, Rich traditions, Tradition from the Middle Ages, Pierogi

Ken Rosewall

Ken Rosewall - Only player

Only player, 18 years, Best claycourt player as Laver, Finalist at the 1974 US, Top player in tennis, Best, male one two players, Gonzales on this tour

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine - Specialty of the tropical area

Specialty of the tropical area, Style of cooking, Amalgam of different, Indian cuisines, Extensive balance of many, different tastes, Vegetarian, Popular area, Available streets of Nepalese cities, Wholesome, simple, Unique nature, Unique, different, other, Northeastern, Indian states, Popular Southeast Asia

Salman the Persian

Salman the Persian - Young man

Young man, Name, Principal calendar for historical purposes, Difficult matter, Fact, Love for worldly power, Minor correction, Julian, Socrates, Spring of Tawhid, Men of limited vision, Proleptic years, Embedded astronomy


Coloureds - Fishermen

Fishermen, Farm labourers, More SOUTHERN AFRICAN in the Western third, Bilingual

Olkhon Island

Olkhon Island - Home of many tribes

Home of many tribes, Geographical, historical, sacred center of Baikal, Great place, Largest, biggest island on Lake Baikal Baikal, Home, 135 species, 72 15 kilometers, Narrow half, Great camping, Beautiful autumn, Located Baikal National Park

Sulfur dioxide

Sulfur dioxide - Chemical compound with the formula

Chemical compound with the formula, Oxidising, potent, antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, cytoprotective agent in the Claus process the, Important compound in winemaking, Major, common air pollutant has significant impacts, Product of the burning, Noticeable component in the atmosphere, Precursor, Acid rain


Pompey - Consul

Consul, Great, forward planner had tremendous, organizational skill, Son of Strabo, Sicily, Ill repute, Thessaly, Idealized, tragic hero after Pharsalus

The Emergency (Ireland)

The Emergency (Ireland) - Misapprehension

Misapprehension, Front line of law enforcement, Irish Army, Irish Government, Us, People, Only, major impediment, Germany, Understandable, Taoiseach, Emergency legislation, Part of an effort, Permanent threat of the Provisional IRA