Mancetter - Village

Village, Civil parish, Reduced form of an Old, Celtic name Manduessedum

Epistle to Seneca the Younger

Epistle to Seneca the Younger - Transparent attempt

Transparent attempt, Theme, Jewish work saving some large interpolations, Translation, Legendary tissue, Persia, Babylonia, Continual warfare in the 8, Legitimate consequence of Stoic pantheism, Vogue among the Jews, Favourable, Contemporary St Paul, Blended, tenderest feeling, Synagogue, Restrictive, conservative questions of expediency, Age, Lengthy, Two books, Christian hands, Close dependence on St, Inconsistent frankness, Common Stoics for conformity, Stern, impassive, immovable, Usual, such cases, Unsettled scholars, Jew in all likelihood, Pharisee, Dark, national life, Doubt, Jewish Gentile element, Stoic, Moral compulsion included the responsibility, James, Brother, Work of Clement, Silent stretches of the life, Chief source for details, Pastoral Epistles, Devoted friends of Jesus, Pharisees, Various authorship, Sensitive regard, Means

Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach - Popular location for sea angling

Popular location for sea angling, Spit of shingle, Regular source of shipwrecks, Shorter beach, Ideal attraction for all ages, Large storm beach of simple, linear type, Wide, high, Stationary, Origin than the aeolianite


Kalaripayattu - Martial art

Martial art, Oldest form of martial arts, Ancient art form, Source, Combination of steps


Name - Term

Term, Neologism, Pseudoword