Music - Art form

Art form, Cultural activity, Music of Persia, Genre of popular music, Study of music, Important, integral part of education religious worship, Important part of social, cultural life

Ancient music

Ancient music - Music

Music, Important, integral part of theater performances religious worship, Important part of the education

History of the United States dollar

History of the United States dollar - Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Black silk velvet, Hot passengers, Other stage, Comforting time, Bewitching, Flimsiest, white silk, Fiat money for Nigeria, Monetary system, Major, financial asset for countries, Nothing in the marvelous, Small, saucerless tea, Thirty fifteen cents, Principal entrance, Splendid service in the excellent, Small board, Global, economic decline, Symptom, Cause, Beautiful bay, Fit landing place for the antique boat, Large hangings, Paintings, Magnificent basin, Lady, Heroine, Agrarian, commercial interests as the such United States Greenback Party on one, Eastern banking, Type of representative money, First, national currency, Drinking, Singing telling stories, Lascars, Only, green spots, Black fellows of thin limb, Comfortable ship, Redeemable, same face value of silver dollar coins, Redeemable gold, Marvelous, third day, Unique position on each denomination, Lower, left ornamentation of the portrait, German, high birth, Superb, 1,380 feet by 650 feet, Long strips of cloth, Men with the exception, Direct opposite in the Chinese, Only women, Progressive people

Music of Uganda

Music of Uganda - Home over different, ethnic 65 groups

Home over different, ethnic 65 groups, Unique country with a mild climate, Part of the larger, African, popular music, Rhythmic complexity of these rhythms, Pentatonic, few tribes use a hexatonic scale, Entertainment, Kadongo Kamu style of music

John Hammond (producer)

John Hammond (producer) - Communist

Communist, Only jazz affiliate with irritated racism, Part of the bebop movement, American record producer, Civil rights activist, Much, older majority of the other men, Original one men

The Screamers

The Screamers - American electropunk group

American electropunk group, Large influence on hardcore bands, Tight, aggressive Mr, Perfect, Perfect, Fine, new, wavy synths, Exhausting, ambitious Marilyn McConnie

Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller - American, big band musician

American, big band musician, Arranger, Business, Time, Clarinet ist Pee Wee Russell, Guitarist Eddie Condon, Clarinetist Pee Wee Russell, Guitarist Eddie Condon, Eligible memorial headstone in Arlington National Cemetery, Big rush

Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War

Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War - Liberal critic of the war

Liberal critic of the war, Clamor of discussions, Julius Hoffman, Serious defeat U, Conscious imitations of earlier Buddhist protests, Part of a movement, Second bombing of a Bay Area activist organization, Partnership between the UC Berkeley Library, People, Response, Collective, responsible line, Complex one revolutionaries in the U

Gene Krupa

Gene Krupa - American jazz

American jazz, Big band drummer, First superstar, White drummer, First drummer in history, Immediate hit with the public, Youngest family of nine children


Finland - Nordic, only, Nordic country

Nordic, only, Nordic country, Top performer in numerous metrics, Largest producer of wood, Top world consumer of coffee, First nation in the world, Relative latecomer, Industrialisation, First, Nordic country in 1869, Predominant term for the whole area, Productive, scientific research, Successful one nations in bandy, Successful one countries at the Olympic Games


Bwiti - Numerous

Numerous, Universal religion, Widespread Gabon in the interior


MIDI - Technical standard

Technical standard, Set of commands, Acronym for musical Instrument Digital Interface, Set of SysEx commands, Instruction, Example of a System Common message, Standardized MMA as a way


Tunisia - Representative democracy

Representative democracy, Republic, Arabic, Islamic, amazigh country According to Mohamed Nafee, City, First, Mediterranean country to sign an Association agreement


Shamanism - Practice

Practice, Part of the indigenous Ainu religion, Living practice among Hungarians, Few, Shamanist one traditions, Living tradition in modern times

Folk music

Folk music - Genre from distinct, traditional folk music of music

Genre from distinct, traditional folk music of music, Developed form of drama, Popular type of music, Broad category of music, Traditional music of the region, Itinerant folk Festival in the United States, Annual folk Festival, Several types, American Folklore Society

Leopold Stokowski

Leopold Stokowski - Music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the Houston Symphony Orchestra from 1955 1961, First conductor in America, Organist from 1902 1905, Choirmaster, Careful placement of musicians, Urgent Barbirolli in the lighter, second movement Andante


Blues - Music genre

Music genre, Musical form, Rootsy, sparse style with passionate vocals, Ubiquitous, modern, popular music