Mike Wieringo

Mike Wieringo - Friend

Friend, CBR, Regular face at East Coast conventions, Best one friends

Mike Honda

Mike Honda - American politician

American politician, Former educator, Cosponsor of the Border Security, Member of the House Appropriations, Vocal supporter of the National Network

Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield - English musician

English musician, Composer, Motorcycle fan has Five bikes, Only artist of world stature, Reserve guitarist for the musical Hair, Philosopher

Mike Church

Mike Church - Entertaining talk show host

Entertaining talk show host, Radical voice on talk radio, Owner, Radical man on radio, King Dude behind the microphone, History, Only one hosts on the radio


Hecate - Mortal priestess

Mortal priestess, Primary, feminine figure in the Chaldean oracles, Namesake, Goddess in Greek mythology, Chief goddess of the moon


Ocotal - Same city

Same city, Capital of the Nueva Segovia Department, Base of this jog


Castres - Commune

Commune, Arrondissement capital, Property of local tycoon Pierre Fabre, Finish of stage, Located altitude of above sea level, Largest, Protestant one strongholds in southern France


Eurohound - Type of dog

Type of dog, Choice for many sprint mushers, Cross between an Alaskan Husky