BLAST - Family of programs

Family of programs, Ideal tool, Commercial parallel implementation of NCBI BLAST, Brainchild of David Lipman


Sourdough - Bread

Bread, Dough containing a Lactobacillus culture, Difficult environment for the microorganisms, Type, I sourdough, Level, Sensitive ecosystems with complex associations


Statistics - Branch of mathematics

Branch of mathematics, Mathematical body of science, Mathematical, conceptual discipline, Term given to the analysis, Techniques, Necessary data analysis


Microscopy - Technical field

Technical field, Central tool in the documentation, Excellent tool for both biological, medical investigations

Agar plate

Agar plate - Petri dish

Petri dish, Complete medium, Polysaccharide, Polymer, Selective, differential medium, General purpose, Enriched medium, Clearer, firmer, stronger gelatin, Specific culturing of slime mould s

Pressure cooking

Pressure cooking - Process of cooking food

Process of cooking food, Force per unit area, Hot stovetop pressure cooker, Dangerous, large quantity of scalding steam, Much, faster, conventional cooking, Suitable use on domestic gas, Available mountain climbers, Expensive, conventional saucepan s of the same size

DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing - Process

Process, Efficient way, Sequence RNA, Determination of the physical order, Sequencing method, Type of high throughput sequencing technology, Earliest one forms of nucleotide sequencing

Capture the flag

Capture the flag - Home

Home, Simple, mathematical Turtle Graphic, First rate, Chickens have a chicken yard, Besiegers, Regular toy balloons, Bent riders, One runner of two, Other chaser, Selfish person, Chaser, Fox, Others sheep, Test of visual memory, Competition of skill, Rapid succession, Variation of Zigzag Ball, Excellent learning tool, Light, other size, Sad apology for such, complete refreshment, Fortress, Space, Length of one foot, One captain for the ones, Player representing a squirrel, Captain of one, Groups of two rows, Old, new, full intimation of environment, Modern invention though the development, Responsible success of this aspect, Player, Suitable beginning levels for children, Suitable, little, young children, Great, favorite, young, little, popular children, Great, favorite Girls though the writer, Huge, Clear, comprehensive, Clear, full, helpful hints, Desirable schoolroom use singing, Leather


Evapotranspiration - Important part of the water cycle

Important part of the water cycle, Key indicator for water management, Measurement of the total amount, Significant water loss from drainage basin s, Greater, actual precipitation, Higher summer on less, cloudy days, Higher, windy days

Population transfer in the Soviet Union

Population transfer in the Soviet Union - Arena of constant warfare

Arena of constant warfare, Strict justice, Traditional confrontation, Immediate, next day, Articles, Ancien regime, Aristocrats, Same necessity with a scientific basis, Local Party secretaries, Important, ideological consideration, Inevitable peasantry p, Remarkable, other 1940 one statistic, Way, Victims of arbitrary, severe, legal campaigns, Common criminals, Point, Perspective, Communist model, Available, appalling, P, Participation of the Soviet Union, Struggle for bread, Weapon

Fusion power

Fusion power - Form of power generation

Form of power generation, Hypothetical type of nuclear reaction, Tokamak, Possible, repulsive, electrostatic forces, One number of private efforts, Fusion reaction

Zhan zhuang

Zhan zhuang - Exercise

Exercise, Common, many, Chinese, martial arts, First step, Shortcut


Desertification - Type of land degradation

Type of land degradation, Significant, global, ecological, environmental problem, Impoverishment of terrestrial ecosystems, Result of a combination, Result of the Sahara spreading