Los Angeles

Al Martino

Al Martino - American singer

American singer, Actor, Right man for the role, Amateur historian, Writer, Television producer, Writer, Television producer, One people, Passionate era

John Wayne

John Wayne - Only actor

Only actor, Present discussion, Fond literature, Hollywood Film Director

Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin - American politician

American politician, Unsuccessful, Democratic candidate for a seat, Sponsor of the PROTECT IP Act, Few one senators, Liberal one members of Congress, Long list of Democrats

Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla - Former member

Former member, Smart, respected legislator, First Latino, Youngest person, One three children of Santos

Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Home

Home, People, Largest manufacturing center in the Western United States, Charter city, Flat, hilly, Rich, Native plant species

Southern California

Southern California - Home

Home, Large, homegrown surf, Many sports franchises, Number, Home, Many, major business districts, Famous tourism