Coca - Easy plant

Easy plant, Energy drink, Ancestral Erythroxylum novogranatense var, Day, Illegal Paraguay


Taro - Popular dish in hilly region

Popular dish in hilly region, Minor crop in the Philippines, Delicacy, Traditional staple food crop for large parts, Sliced, deep fried, Devastating disease of taro, Serious pest, Dominant root crop in tonnage before 1993, Few one crops, Available, fresh, frozen UK, Commercial footing, Present Irian Jaya in the rest, Absent


Fabaceae - Common family

Common family, Entomophilous plants, Flowers, Second, important family of lianes, Prominent, drier forest types in both America, Monophyletic, molecular, morphological analyses although support

Arabidopsis thaliana

Arabidopsis thaliana - Small flowering plant

Small flowering plant, Native Eurasia, Small, annual winter, Annual rosette plant, Small, annual herb, Human commensal in North America, Popular model organism in plant biology, FLS2, Small plant, 2 25 cm, Central, genetic model, Universal reference organism, First plant, RPS2, Such plant, Chromosomes, Edible humans as a salad, Small, Smaller size


Malpighiales - One clade

One clade, Member of a supraordinal group, Monophyletic, molecular, phylogenetic studies


Rosemary - Abortifacient

Abortifacient, Known, antimicrobial agent, Aromatic evergreen shrub with leaves


Podocarpus - Evergreen shrubs

Evergreen shrub s, Tree s, Evergreen woody plants, Characteristic tree of the Antarctic flora, Dioecious, male pollen cones


Lychee - Sole member of the genus litchi

Sole member of the genus litchi, Mite, serious pest, Livelihood security for a large population, Excellent, fresh fruit, Drought in the tolerant, Renowned group of edible fruits, Suitable use of ladders, Restricted clay soil


Avocado - Tree

Tree, Official fruit of the state a different time, Primary ingredient in avocado soup, Popular, vegetarian cuisine as a substitute


Dill - Annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae

Annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae, Unique plant, Useful addition to cough cold flu remedies, Popular household condiment, Important herbs, Intolerant root disturbance, Common part of a Beijing breakfast