Taiwan - Populous state

Populous state, Major, Asian country for korfball, Seventh, greatest sugar producer in the world by 1939, Complex system of belts, Japanese rule, Popular Singapore

Languages of Canada

Languages of Canada - Home

Home, Many, Indigenous language s, More five Sign language s, Present trade pidgins, New Brunswick, English, Intelligible

Azerbaijani language

Azerbaijani language - Persian

Persian, Large part, Member of the Oghuz branch, One Oghuz languages within the Turkic language family


Finland - Nordic, only, Nordic country

Nordic, only, Nordic country, Top performer in numerous metrics, Largest producer of wood, Top world consumer of coffee, First nation in the world, Relative latecomer, Industrialisation, First, Nordic country in 1869, Predominant term for the whole area, Productive, scientific research, Successful one nations in bandy, Successful one countries at the Olympic Games


Caddo - Confederacy of several southeastern

Confederacy of several southeastern, Only Southern Caddoan language, Time, Farmers, Westernmost people of the Mississippian world, Ancient confederacy of the Haish


Grey - Gray, intermediate color

Gray, intermediate color, Dominant spelling in European Commonwealth English, Common color for animals, Good background color for gold


Urdu - Symbol of Islamic identity

Symbol of Islamic identity, Distinct identity marker for Muslims, Such one language, Kind of Urdu prose, Intentioned means of unification

Xhosa language

Xhosa language - Second, common home language in South Africa

Second, common home language in South Africa, Tonal language with inherent, phonemic two tones, Southernmost branch of Nguni languages, Agglutinative language with an array, Official one 11 languages, Rich, uncommon, consonant s


Ullal - City Municipality in Mangalore Taluk

City Municipality in Mangalore Taluk, Town Municipal Council city in district, Second, biggest, governing body after Mangalore City Corporation, Oldest one towns in India

Rapa language

Rapa language - Language of Rapa

Language of Rapa, Mix of Tahitian, Koine language, Different language from Old Rapa, Form, Variety, Variety of Reo Rapa, Result of a monolingual community, Combination of preserved grammar, Different rest of the Austral languages, Different Reo Rapa Because speakers


Choctaw - Native, American people

Native, American people, Descendants of the peoples, First, Native, American tribe, Albert Billy, Mitchell Bobb, Critical, present policies of the administration