Tilia - Genus

Genus, Deciduous tree growing to 30 m, Deciduous tree growing to 25 m


Utah - Only state in the western United States with a majority population

Only state in the western United States with a majority population, Arid desert with a Basin, Part of the Uintah, Lowest, hottest spot in Utah, Alcoholic beverage control state, Merger of northern, Major industry, Court of last resort, Statewide smoking ban, Setting, Mexican territory, Only state in the nation in 1992, Few one 15 states, Conservative United States, Merger of northern, Smaller, proposed state of Deseret


Dill - Annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae

Annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae, Unique plant, Useful addition to cough cold flu remedies, Popular household condiment, Important herbs, Intolerant root disturbance, Common part of a Beijing breakfast

Modal logic

Modal logic - Type of formal logic

Type of formal logic, General study of representation, Expression, One example of this trend, Persistent assertions, Replete examples of this phenomenon


Chittagong - Major, coastal seaport city

Major, coastal seaport city, Financial centre, Important, military port on the Bay, Home, Several, important Hindu temples, Bangladesh Premier League franchise, Important, economic hub in South Asia, Principal base of the Bangladesh Navy, Only government, Medical college, Hub for maritime trade, Major center of trade, Melting pot of races


Uruguay - Home

Home, Important, global exporter, Unitary state, Justice, Part of the one laptop, Democratic, constitutional Republic with a president, Representative, democratic Republic with a presidential system, First exporter of software in 2005


Foulness - Farmland

Farmland, Part of the electoral ward, Largest six islands, Famous haven for wildlife, 25,000 acres in area


Karakoram - Home

Home, Located four peaks, Turkic term meaning, Black gravel, Group of mountains


Somerset - Rural county

Rural county, Important supplier of defence equipment, Part of a larger coalfield, Only area in the UK, Least, populous district in England, Parliamentarian, key engagements

Samuel J. Tilden

Samuel J. Tilden - 25th governor of New York

25th governor of New York, Unsuccessful candidate of the Soft faction in 1855, Successful, Democratic nominee for governor, Sensational, sordid, questionable, presidential election in American history

Dursey Island

Dursey Island - 6

6, Located tip of the Beara Peninsula, Short stone, Different, sheltered islands of Roaringwater, Several rocks, Weak point for the English