Jakarta - Pluralistic, diverse city

Pluralistic, diverse city, Home, Largest population, Member of the Asian network, Only city in Jakarta, Ancol Dreamland, Largest, integrated tourism area, Taman Prasasti Museum, Textile Museum, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport, Largest one jazz festivals in the world

Big Sur

Big Sur - Incorporated town

Incorporated town, Area, Location of a Catholic monastery, Tourism based economy, Key habitat for the steelhead, Home, 1000 inhabitants, Center of that scene, Located, scenic Highway, Located Carmel


Colombo - Commercial capital

Commercial capital, Largest, populous city in Sri Lanka, Busy, vibrant place with a mixture, Important, industrial, commercial, administrative centre in Sri Lanka, Busy eve of the festivals, Largest, busiest one port s in Sri Lanka, Capital of the coastal areas


Utrecht - Capital

Capital, Populous city, Host, Utrecht University, Centre of a populated area, Home, Other, large two institutions, International, early Music Festival, Premier league football club FC Utrecht, Baseball, Main railway station of Utrecht, Station on the night service, Light rail scheme


Colchester - Northeast of London

Northeast of London, Home of the two five Roman theatres, Colchester Castle, Only town, Home, 16th Air Assault Brigade, Local authority, Large zoo, Area, Prosperous one wool towns in England, Located Great Eastern Main Line


Basilan - Island province of the Philippines

Island province of the Philippines, Largest, northernmost island of the Sulu Archipelago, Typhoon belt, Largest, northernmost, major islands of the Sulu Archipelago, Located Isabela City

University of the Philippines Los Baños

University of the Philippines Los Baños - Home

Home, Diverse flora, Fernando C, Official student publication of UPLB, Collaborative project of CVM, UP Oblation statuette, Cash, Recipient 1994 KBP Golden Dove Award for Best, Located UP Diliman


Harrogate - Spa town in North Yorkshire

Spa town in North Yorkshire, Inner section of the east town centre, West, Home of Yorkshire Tea the best schools, National, 2 division team, Amateur level swimming club, Gold medal winner of Europe, Place on the borders, Strongest one clubs in the Yorkshire league, Town centre


Clevedon - Busy, seaside town

Busy, seaside town, Civil parish, National Trust property, Open visitors, Large, secondary, comprehensive School serving the whole town, Lovely town with an attractive coastline, Setting for the eponymous town Broadchurch, Court Hill of the east town centre


Nuuk - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Seat of government, Home, Department, Good place, Only, private art, Crafts museum


Kidlington - Large village

Large village, Civil parish, Only Sunday football team in Kidlington, Beautiful North Oxfordshire countryside

Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe

Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe - Place

Place, Cover of this magazine, Telecom business, Different two wires, Tangled, pure competition, More, few hundred meters from a beach, Duct, Thousands of miles, Digital, Digital, automatic, faster hell, Fact, Feeble, infinitesimal contact point between the glass tube, Catalytic anything, Water unlike air, Instruments in those days, KDD, Part of a trend, Huge project than bigger, complicated, many wars, Clock, Shitload of DAT tapes, Stalemate, Company, Matter of digging, Huge steel cleaver, 7 meters, Telephone handset, Titanic structure, Holes in a wall, Slack in the sense, Average figure for the whole route, Gummer, Infinitesimal, few bytes, Tong Fuk, Lantau Island, Fine repeater, Clubs with a smidgin, Few square blocks of George Town, Kew Gardens, Immense structure at some 120 meters, States, Geographical, political