Block Island

Block Island - Popular summer resort with ferries

Popular summer resort with ferries, Part of the Outer Lands region the Bay Islands Park system, Popular summer tourist destination, Home of the one locations, Annual yachting event, Town of New Shoreham, Site of choice oyster grounds

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands - British, Overseas territory in the Caribbean

British, Overseas territory in the Caribbean, Part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, Popular destination for US citizens, British, Overseas Territories citizen s, Significant, global player in the offshore, financial services industry, Volcanic origin, Dependent, migrant labour

Christmas Island

Christmas Island - World

World, Flat summit of an underwater mountain, Focal point for seabirds, Located, southern edge of the equatorial region


Eleuthera - Destination

Destination, Fourth, populated island of the Bahamas, Research, Summer education institute

Ailsa Craig

Ailsa Craig - Island

Island, Remains of a volcanic plug, Lesser quality granite than Blue Hone, Haven for Roman, Catholic s, Sound business

History of Malta

History of Malta - Part of the Kingdom

Part of the Kingdom, Only, British Colony, Part of Europe, Fortress, Authority, Small island, Past one failures of British Governments

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia - Atoll of the equator

Atoll of the equator, Largest land mass in the Chagos Archipelago, Small island in the middle, Site of several, naval exercises, Minimum risk from tropical cyclone S

Samoan Islands

Samoan Islands - Archipelago

Archipelago, Coral atoll s with black sand beaches, Part of a larger group, Fiji from Tonga, Volcanic origin

Canvey Island

Canvey Island - Civil parish reclaimed island

Civil parish reclaimed island, Home, Dutch two Cottages, 5 miles from east west, Home, Calor Gas Storage Terminal, Agricultural land until the 20th century, Site of the first delivery

Bonin Islands

Bonin Islands - Home

Home, Northernmost outliers, Misreading of Chinese characters

Olkhon Island

Olkhon Island - Home of many tribes

Home of many tribes, Geographical, historical, sacred center of Baikal, Great place, Largest, biggest island on Lake Baikal Baikal, Home, 135 species, 72 15 kilometers, Narrow half, Great camping, Beautiful autumn, Located Baikal National Park


Thasos - Name of the largest town

Name of the largest town, Separate, regional unit of the East Macedonia, Important Ionian revolt against Persia, Part of the Eastern Roman Empire

Palmerston Island

Palmerston Island - Coral atoll in the Cook Islands

Coral atoll in the Cook Islands, Only island in the Cook Islands, Cook Islands atoll West Northwest of Aitutaki, Major, nesting site for the green turtle, Only island Captain Cook set foot, Place of intrigue, Atoll, Uninhabited, Last, unspoiled one paradises of the Pacific

Cocos Island

Cocos Island - Rectangular shape

Rectangular shape, Popular, pirate Lore, Serious scuba divers, Home, Dense, exuberant, tropical, moist forests, 36 hour boat


Mykonos - Greek island

Greek island, Part, Place for wines, Located southeast of the town, Accessible boat, East Athens, Famous, Greek one islands

Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands - Group of islands

Group of islands, Part of Central Greece, Backwater during Ancient, Greek times, Frequent target of Saracen raids, Corfu with a population, West coast of Greece


Sardinia - Second, largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

Second, largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Only, European country, Only, Italian, 5th, Italian, Italian, only, autonomous region for rice production with the highest percentage, Home of the oldest one forms, 4 million sheep, Located DASS, Consortium, Second, Italian region after Lombardy, Time at the centre, Ancient one bodies of land


Barbados - Island country in the Lesser Antilles

Island country in the Lesser Antilles, Easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles, Host, Green monkey, Home, American University, Banks Barbados Brewery, Part of the nearby archipelago, 21 14 miles, Coral island possesses no hard, volcanic material, Sole law enforcement agency on the island, Course on the island, Caribbean one three states

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca - Large, deep lake in the Andes

Large, deep lake in the Andes, Home than more, aquatic 530 species, Habitat, Body of fresh salt water, Highest mountain lake in Europe, 408 320 meters, Home to described 24 species, Closest analog, Mars, Glacial lake near Sorata, Highest lake in Antarctica, 57 km from McMurdo Station, Located, northern end of the endorheic Altiplano basin, Beautiful 1, Blue satellite photographs, 14 kilometers northeast of the summit, 200m by 100m, Summit of famed Baralacha pass


Foulness - Farmland

Farmland, Part of the electoral ward, Largest six islands, Famous haven for wildlife, 25,000 acres in area

St. Joseph Island (Ontario)

St. Joseph Island (Ontario) - Land in rich history

Land in rich history, Home, Canadian landscape artist Doug Hook, Popular tourist destination for cottagers, Westerly section of the Canadian portion, Private airstrip about half located way, Located, northern Ontario, Located mouth of the St, Located shipping channel of the St, Popular hunting, Uninhabited, Westerly, British outpost in Upper Canada

Surin Islands

Surin Islands - Archipelago of five islands

Archipelago of five island s, Best place in Thailand, Part of Tambon Ko Phra Thong, Ko Surin Nuea, Ko Surin Tai, Rock islands with some dwarf trees, Unspoiled group of islands


Patmos - Home

Home, Patmian School, Destination for Christian pilgrimage, Good place to pass the holidays

West Sister Island

West Sister Island - Island of the U

Island of the U, 13 miles west of Rattlesnake Island, Part of the Pelee Archipelago, Active aid, Navigation, Popular stop for bootleggers, Located, western basin of Lake Erie