Green algae

Green algae - Large, informal grouping of algae

Large, informal grouping of algae, Tiny, microscopic siphons, Many form, Simple, unbranched filaments with parietal laminate, Eukaryotic organisms, Important model system, Unicellular flagellate, Abundant freshwater, Poor species diversity, Diverse, ubiquitous, aquatic, terrestrial habitats, Abundant, diverse freshwater environments, Meaningful qualifiers

Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori - Disease

Disease, Major cause of certain diseases, Member of the normal flora, First species, Present, preformed urease, Important mechanism for adaptation, 1499 OGs including 254 accessory genes, Persistent, clinical disease, Bacterial pathogen, Causative agent, Competent transformation, Competent, logarithmic growth, Contagious, exact route of transmission, Urease, positive, Histological examination from two sites

Candida albicans

Candida albicans - Type of yeast

Type of yeast, Common, fungal species, 16Mb, large 8 chromosomes contains 6198 Open Reading Frames, Immediate target of the human, immune system, Identification, High heterozygosity, Serological diagnosis, Long time, Fact, Common humans


Cheetah - Large felid of the subfamily Felinae

Large felid of the subfamily Felinae, Only, extant species of the genus Acinonyx, African cat, Molecular evidence, Variety of the common cheetah, Different anatomy, Outstanding one attractions for tourists, Short, coarse, Bigger females

Gene Krupa

Gene Krupa - American jazz

American jazz, Big band drummer, First superstar, White drummer, First drummer in history, Immediate hit with the public, Youngest family of nine children


Cancer - Group of diseases

Group of diseases, Such, common one disease of abnormal gene function, Many diseases, Generic term for a large group, Disease of tissue growth regulation, Preventable, Available, many types of cancers, Leukemia, Brain tumor s

Roan (color)

Roan (color) - Coat color

Coat color, Simple, dominant trait, White patterning coat color trait, True roan on a bay coat, True roan on a black coat

Gene expression

Gene expression - Process

Process, Stretch of DNA, Gene, Important part of many life science s, Artificial manner, Natural process


Biotechnology - Set of techniques

Set of techniques, General category, Use of modern, scientific techniques, Tool, Term, Biotechnology applied to agricultural processes, Application of biotechnology, Selective breeding of plants, Dependent Embryology

Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller - American, big band musician

American, big band musician, Arranger, Business, Time, Clarinet ist Pee Wee Russell, Guitarist Eddie Condon, Clarinetist Pee Wee Russell, Guitarist Eddie Condon, Eligible memorial headstone in Arlington National Cemetery, Big rush


Apple - Deciduous tree in the rose family

Deciduous tree in the rose family, Common, important, main fruit crop of temperate areas temperate regions, Good choice for cooking fires, Earliest tree, Soft, crisp, Segment triplication


Actin - Molecule

Molecule, Abundant one proteins in eukaryote s, Essential cell survival, Stable, abundant muscle fibres

Zebra finch

Zebra finch - Messy, voracious eaters dropping seeds

Messy, voracious eaters dropping seeds, Opportunistic breeders initiate reproductive behaviors, Excellent parents, Important model organisms, Small length of 10 11 CM, Sedentary, diurnal, Second bird genome


Anxiety - Emotion

Emotion, Feeling of uneasiness, Worry about future events, Normal part of life, Uneasiness, Apprehension, Common type of social phobia, Same fear, Predominant, modern times while the others, More feeling, Group of mental disorder s related conditions

Chlamydia trachomatis

Chlamydia trachomatis - Genus of pathogenic bacteria

Genus of pathogenic bacteria, Asymptomatic screening because 40, Epitheliotropic pathogen, Unclear, routine oropharyngeal screening for CT, Test, Association, Common, young people, Common men, Acceptable, Asymptomatic


Psoriasis - Skin disorder

Skin disorder, Common, inflammatory skin disease, Subtype of psoriasis, Contagious, Common countries from the equator, Misdiagnosed Napkin dermatitis