Government simulation game

Government simulation game - Democracy

Democracy, Tropico, Online political simulation, Similar Model Congress, Fascinating, Real, economic report than an engaging adventure

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - Ordinary boy

Ordinary boy, 3D game, Nothing, Fun, Addictive fun, Controls, Name of the game, Fire, Adorable, same time, Delightful plenty of thought, One handful of GameCube games, Eggs, Commercial bomb selling around 250,000 copies

Video game development

Video game development - Process

Process, Software development process, Company, Visual artist, Software engineer, Software development process as a video game, Iterative prototyping, Essential, collaborative process, Simple fun, Fun, Different, Individualistic, tolerant, divergent personalities


Lacrosse - Team sport

Team sport, Physical game, Demonstration sport in the 1928 1932 Summer Olympics, Popular one versions among the Onondaga

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid - American 1965 drama film

American 1965 drama film, Open stakes, Lancey Howard, Undisputed king, Standard practice allowing a new player, Steve McQueen, Common use for poker, Responsible shortage


NBA 2K - Solid basketball game

Solid basketball game, Licensed NBA game from Visual Concepts, Series of basketball simulation video game, First game in the series

Surreal number

Surreal number - Game

Game, Games, Empty sequence in the zero, Positive, negative zero


Wizardry - First game

First game, Heavy influence on the later, Final fantasy, Major inspiration, Nintendo DS title, Playable today, Consistent titles than the Ultima series

Capture the flag

Capture the flag - Home

Home, Simple, mathematical Turtle Graphic, First rate, Chickens have a chicken yard, Besiegers, Regular toy balloons, Bent riders, One runner of two, Other chaser, Selfish person, Chaser, Fox, Others sheep, Test of visual memory, Competition of skill, Rapid succession, Variation of Zigzag Ball, Excellent learning tool, Light, other size, Sad apology for such, complete refreshment, Fortress, Space, Length of one foot, One captain for the ones, Player representing a squirrel, Captain of one, Groups of two rows, Old, new, full intimation of environment, Modern invention though the development, Responsible success of this aspect, Player, Suitable beginning levels for children, Suitable, little, young children, Great, favorite, young, little, popular children, Great, favorite Girls though the writer, Huge, Clear, comprehensive, Clear, full, helpful hints, Desirable schoolroom use singing, Leather

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt - Arcade Vs

Arcade Vs, Shooting simulation, Timeless classic, Timeless classics, Everyone, Abundant one NES cartridges in existence today


Quoits - Traditional game

Traditional game, Larger diameter than the much, thinner, lighter, standard, North, American quoit


Myst - Graphic adventure puzzle video game

Graphic adventure puzzle video game, Surprise hit with critics, Largest collaboration Cyan, Bestselling PC game, Largest collaboration Cyan, Successful release