Fabaceae - Common family

Common family, Entomophilous plants, Flowers, Second, important family of lianes, Prominent, drier forest types in both America, Monophyletic, molecular, morphological analyses although support

Cucurbita pepo

Cucurbita pepo - Species of great, economic importance

Species of great, economic importance, Direct descendant of C, Early, domesticated form of C, Species with the greatest susceptibility of the genus, Large, diverse species, Present, eastern U, United States, Known one species of Cucurbita


Rambutan - Important nectar source for bees

Important nectar source for bees, Tropical fruit requiring a moist, warm climate, Important fruit tree of humid, tropical Southeast Asia, Tropical one fruits


Malpighiales - One clade

One clade, Member of a supraordinal group, Monophyletic, molecular, phylogenetic studies


Tilia - Genus

Genus, Deciduous tree growing to 30 m, Deciduous tree growing to 25 m


Amaryllis - Bulb

Bulb, Ous plant, Bulbs of the genus Hippeastrum


Pollination - Process

Process, Type of pollination, Pollination of flowering plants, Pollination of flowering plants, Branch of agriculture, Imprecise minute proportion of pollen grains landing

Pandanus tectorius

Pandanus tectorius - Species of Pandanus

Species of Pandanus, Angiosperm, Small tree of significant, social, cultural value, Ovoid, Ellipsoid, Salt, Wind, 14 m, Fire than some tolerant, other, coastal trees, Dioecious, Tolerant, strong salt winds, Male, female, Colonizers of disturbed coastline, Uncommon feature in botanic collections, Important food source for the stick insect Megacrania batesii


Chrysanthemum - Herbaceous, perennial plants

Herbaceous, perennial plant s, Subshrubs, Favorite of florists, Official flower of the city the fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma Triangle Fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia November, Name given to the position, Greek chrysos

The Killers

The Killers - American rock band

American rock band, Inaugural headliner of the new Orlando, Dandies from day, Promising, local band, Keen Stoermer, , Night, Dude