Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park - U

U, Shallow lagoon with little, vertical density, Shallow estuary, CERP component, North end of the park, More, few feet above sea level


Andalusia - Autonomous community in southern Spain

Autonomous community in southern Spain, Only, European region with Mediterranean, Atlantic coastlines, Home, Hottest, driest summers, Driest place, Agricultural area, Service sector, Major staging ground for the war, Comparable extent in the variety


Sicily - Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Important habitat for the survival, Third, largest wine producer in Italy, First part of Italy, Province of the Roman Empire for 6, Located, central Mediterranean Sea of the Italian peninsula


Mangalore - Fourth, largest, coastal city of Karnataka

Fourth, largest, coastal city of Karnataka, 6th shipyard, Headquarters of Corporation Bank the Western Range Police the Dakshina Kannada Telecom District, South Kanara District Chess Association, Home, Tulu film industry, Fish, Fishing port at located Bunder, Cricket tournament, Popular organisation in the city, Located Karnataka State of India

Murray cod

Murray cod - Large Australia n

Large Australia n, Predatory freshwater fish, Largest, freshwater fish in Australia, Popular, angling target, Aquaculture species, Large fish with adult fish, Remarkable fish, Aged 48 years of age, Similar appearance, Abundant Clarence

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna - Species of tuna

Species of tuna, Epipelagic fish, Popular gamefish among anglers fishing, Smaller, larger, adult tuna, Same species


Kajaani - Home

Home, Two football clubs, One cities


Kumarakom - Cluster of islets

Cluster of islets, Place for shopping, Important stopover for a majority, Home, Wide variety, First destination in India, Jurisdiction of the king, Famous world