Machine gun

Machine gun - Able light

Able light, Spandau, Undamped hand during this firing, Simpler construction, Lighter trial, Water

Lua (programming language)

Lua (programming language) - General purpose

General purpose, Embedded programming language, Portable language, Fast language engine with small footprint, Extension programming language, Efficient, independent benchmarks show Lua, First TeCGraf product, Extensible

Random forest

Random forest - Way

Way, Successful classifier exhibiting performance, Attractive tissue microarray

Tarlac City

Tarlac City - Part

Part, Manila, Sea level on Some parts, Usual bus stop for commuters

Start menu

Start menu - User interface element

User interface element, Usability nightmare on the desktop computer, Universal search, Welcome improvement, Primary way, Match for the taskbar, Antithesis of a HUD, Fantastic tablet, News, Part of the desktop


Venus - Second planet from the Sun

Second planet from the Sun, Primary feature of the night sky, First planet, Hottest planet in the Solar System, Terrestrial one four planet s in the Solar System

Fire engine

Fire engine - Vehicle

Vehicle, Established tax district, Smaller, standard fire apparatus

USS Leahy (DLG-16)

USS Leahy (DLG-16) - Lead ship of a new class

Lead ship of a new class, First US Navy ship to visit the Soviet Union, Part of a fast carrier Task Group, Underway for Yokosuka, Underway 28 July, Station in the Arabian Sea, First, close escorts of the Midway

Soil horizon

Soil horizon - Layer

Layer, Parallel soil crust, Product, Layer beneath the a horizon, Top of the mineral soil, Absent grassland regions, Lighter colour than an underlying B horizon, Surface below an O, B horizon, Zones of greatest, biological activity, Smaller pedon


Perl - Swiss Army chainsaw

Swiss Army chainsaw, ActiveState tool, Open source distribution for Windows, Practice, Run time, Better alternatives at the time, Safer C programs through a dataflow

Saxon XSLT


XSLT, XQuery processor, Only product to offer XSLT


Aphasia - Inability

Inability, Mildest form of aphasia, Communication disorder, Neurological disorder, Disease, Symptom, Best thought

Software development

Software development - Process of computer programming

Process of computer programming, Integral, important phase of the software development process, Way, Software component of a system, Knowledge, Intensive knowledge management, Business process, Suitable use by all projects


Dopamine - Simplest, possible catecholamine

Simplest, possible catecholamine, Family, Primary neuroendocrine inhibitor of the secretion, Natriuretic inhibition of renal tubule sodium reabsortion, Dependent, independent, neuronal elements, Located walls of arteries

Gough Island

Gough Island - Volcanic island

Volcanic island, Home, Endemic two species, Home, Flightless Gough moorhen, Flightless Gough Island Moorhen, Only place, Northerly, only ones, Volcanic origin, Few, oceanic one islands