The Flip Wilson Show

The Flip Wilson Show - Something of a disappointment

Something of a disappointment, Patchwork of tapes, Religious movement, Plug for the Paramount pic White Christmas, Pleasant, clever sort of stuff, Consummate tribute, Man, Result, Superb pair utilized the gag potential, Chart material, Crosby, Audience, Best Crosby tradition, Occasion, Singing, Program, Most part, Last, major one jobs for Frank McHugh, Great form, Big cheese, Singing, Good children, Easy, charming, smooth, Minimal chorus boys, Help


Cypermethrin - Slight skin

Slight skin, Eye irritant, Synthetic pyrethroid, Only option for the choice, Synthetic pyrethroid insecticide applied to cattle, Mixture of all possible, chiral eight isomers, Toxic material by dermal absorption, Mixture of different eight isomers, Available, emulsifiable concentrate, Light, stable, Soluble water, Persistent, anaerobic conditions, Toxic skin contact


Safrole - Phenylpropene

Phenylpropene, Present, certain essentials oils in brown camphor oil, Available, other forms


Curcumin - Bright, yellow chemical

Bright, yellow chemical, Lipophilic polyphenol, Such, potential one candidate, Review, Chief component of the spice turmeric, Bioavailable yadaya in the true, Effective scavenger of reactive oxygen species, Mixture of curcumin, Long, last king, One hundreds of small molecules, Detectable circulation

Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder - Son of an equestrian

Son of an equestrian, Discernible regimen, Largest, single one works, Pliny, Much, distressed, bad weather, Command of Claudius Apollinaris, Unusual Titus, Impatient mutiny, Firm people, Motion