Line dance

Line dance - Choreographed dance

Choreographed dance, Nutbush, Example of a line dance, One wall, Good example, Adaptations of disco line dances

Maya dance

Maya dance - Transient art

Transient art, Central component of social, religious, political endeavors, Public affair


Dabke - Arab folk dance

Arab folk dance, Native, Levant countries, Arabic folk dance, Energetic, amazing dance, Fun, Confirmation, Line dance for men

Culture of the Philippines

Culture of the Philippines - Plethora of films

Plethora of films, Blanket, Geometric tapestries, Powerhouse in Asia, Dance, Vogue Despite early restrictions, Primitive, ethnic group like other Filipinos, New country, Indian plot, Volcanic, marine origin, Key component of a society


Tango - Partner dance

Partner dance, Dance, Rhythmic style of tango, Partner dance like Contact Improvisation, New way to dance Argentine tango


Manipur - Home

Home, Many sports, Small state, Species endemism


Solan - District headquarters of Solan district

District headquarters of Solan district, Base station for the nearby tourist destinations, Industrial hub of Himachal Pradesh, Important, Industrial town, Best place for youth, Capital of the erstwhile, princely state, Known place until the British rule, Accessible road as train, Cold Shimla as hot Kalka, Shimla administration until independence

Glen Echo Park, Maryland

Glen Echo Park, Maryland - Arts

Arts, Cultural center, Home, Thirteen resident artists, Important, cultural one resources in the Washington, Biggest amusement park in the region


Polka - Czech dance

Czech dance, Genre, Dance music form in 32 bars, Official State dance of Wisconsin, Czech farmer dance, Popular south, Popular, traditional one folk dances in Ireland, Bohemian origin, Popular Milwaukee


Punta - Garifuna music

Garifuna music, Dance style, Musical craze, Courtship dance between a man, Iconic Garifuna ethnicity, Many, Latin dances


Carnival - Western, Christian, festive season

Western, Christian, festive season, Important, cultural event in the Dutch Caribbean, Rijeka Carnival, Fritule pastry, Largest one parades, Greatest, exuberant Carnivals, Last opportunity for common people, Guaranda

Agnes de Mille

Agnes de Mille - American dancer

American dancer, Choreographer, Lifelong friend of modern dance Legend Martha Graham, Successful writers, Actors

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu - Home of the double Oscar Winner a to declared five national parks

Home of the double Oscar Winner a to declared five national parks, Many, natural resources, Seventh, populous state in India, Land, Second, largest software exporter by value, Official language of Tamil Nadu, Dependent monsoon rains, Literate one states in India, 140 years, Largest one industries of film production


Varkala - Coastal town

Coastal town, Municipality, Only, important place in Southern Kerala, Important hub, Municipality city in district, Part of Attingal, Popular tourist highlight, Tourist highlight in the vicinity, Distance of 11 km


Gong - East

East, Southeast Asia n, Medium, Large gong, Large stones, Flat bronze discs with little, fundamental pitch, Tomb

The King and I

The King and I - Immediate hit winning Tony Awards

Immediate hit winning Tony Award s, Edward Greenberg with the Robbins choreography, Special Sunday night show on June, Gertrude Lawrence, Time for a fourth, longest Broadway musical, Foreign, full, strange harmonies, , Available CD, Expression of fear

San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley - Section of the Rio Grande Rift

Section of the Rio Grande Rift, Endorheic basin called the San Luis Closed Basin, Flyway, Broad, flat valley at the headwaters, Home, Active, live five theaters, Area that the outlaw Felipe Espinosa, One eight candidate sites


Azerbaijan - Home

Home, Vast variety, Active member of international coalitions, Important, economic hub in the transportation, Enthusiastic participant in the Eurovision Song Contest, Further, paramilitary force, Located South Caucasus region of Eurasia, First place among the countries, First one countries