Taro - Popular dish in hilly region

Popular dish in hilly region, Minor crop in the Philippines, Delicacy, Traditional staple food crop for large parts, Sliced, deep fried, Devastating disease of taro, Serious pest, Dominant root crop in tonnage before 1993, Few one crops, Available, fresh, frozen UK, Commercial footing, Present Irian Jaya in the rest, Absent


Apple - Deciduous tree in the rose family

Deciduous tree in the rose family, Common, important, main fruit crop of temperate areas temperate regions, Good choice for cooking fires, Earliest tree, Soft, crisp, Segment triplication


Breadfruit - Species of Flowering tree

Species of Flowering tree, Staple food in many, tropical regions, Versatile crop, Fruit, Tropical tree, Staple diet of many people, Rich starch, Dependent humans for dispersal, Much, richer wheat flour in lysine


Banana - Perennial plant

Perennial plant, One three fruits with this significance, Capital, Intensive demand, Snack, Popular backpackers


Avocado - Tree

Tree, Official fruit of the state a different time, Primary ingredient in avocado soup, Popular, vegetarian cuisine as a substitute


Pomegranate - Symbol of Armenia

Symbol of Armenia, Annual, cultural, artistic festival, Popular fruit in Pakistan, Main one fruits in Armenian culture, Native Iran, Rich source of dietary fiber, Preliminary research


Kosovo - Disputed territory recognised state

Disputed territory recognised state, Secular state with no official state religion, Home, Many monasteries, Main state law enforcement agency in the nation, Part of the Ottoman Empire, Landlocked, central Balkan Peninsula, Dependent remittances from the Diaspora, Rich mountain s

Sesame oil

Sesame oil - Edible vegetable oil

Edible vegetable oil, Excellent salad oil, Pharmaceutic aid, Drought, Annual self pollinating plant, Important source of edible oil, Edible, creamy, light, brown powder from seeds, Excellent feed for poultry, Stable, natural one oils, Popular Asia in Korea, Useful, everyday, American kitchen, High, polyunsaturated fats behind ranking, fourth safflower, Blended, other vegetable oils for salads, 50 percent, First one crops


Iochroma - Genus

Genus, Iochroma, Eriolarynx, Iochroma, Member, Iochroma, Dunalia, Subtribe Iochrominae

Nikolai Vavilov

Nikolai Vavilov - Atheist

Atheist, Head of the Institute, Interested sites of ancient, agricultural civilizations, Interested, long time in plant


Peach - Deciduous tree

Deciduous tree, Native region, Popular tree fruit with an annual production, Kuahuqiao site, Toxic rose family


Comfrey - Common name for plants

Common name for plants, Trouble, Excellent source of potassium, Excellent weed competitor, Corruption of con firma, Rich calcium, Only plant, Important herb s in organic gardening


Sod - Perishable product

Perishable product, Quick delivery, Only means, Exception, Profitable business


Lychee - Sole member of the genus litchi

Sole member of the genus litchi, Mite, serious pest, Livelihood security for a large population, Excellent, fresh fruit, Drought in the tolerant, Renowned group of edible fruits, Suitable use of ladders, Restricted clay soil

Muzaffarpur district

Muzaffarpur district - Part of Tirhut Division

Part of Tirhut Division, Important centre for the wholesale cloth trade, Nearest town, Bahilwara Gobind, Bahilwara Rupnath, Important centre for the wholesale cloth trade, Main railway junction with suburban two stations, Largest, commercial, educational one Center in North Bihar, Located Muzaffarpur