Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island - Island off the coast

Island off the coast, Southernmost point along the western, Australian coastline, Site of an important, Australian High Court case, Site of internment camps, Few one areas in the world

Ernest L. Martin

Ernest L. Martin - Meteorologist

Meteorologist, Minister, Pioneering researcher in the area, Fundamental inspiration for the greatest project

David Novak

David Novak - Jewish theologian

Jewish theologian, Ethicist, Fellow of the Royal Society, Author of sixteen thirteen books, Pulpit rabbi in several us communities


Astrolabe - Elaborate inclinometer

Elaborate inclinometer, Predecessor of the modern planisphere, Marriage of the planisphere, Variation of the astrolabe, Planispheric type

Probability theory

Probability theory - Branch of mathematics

Branch of mathematics, Generic term for the many, mathematical models, One probability, Branch probability, Mathematical statistics, Relative latecomer in intellectual history, Branch of mathematics, Ubiquitous, Important decision making

Timeline of science and engineering in the Islamic world

Timeline of science and engineering in the Islamic world - Modest Arabs

Modest Arabs, Diligent, successful, missionary work, Early touch with Christian missionaries, Complete adoption of the Aristotelian logic, Blank, Careful, accurate book of sailing directions, Attempt, Teacher, One party, Titular Monophysite Bishop, Only cause of the outspread, Physician named Gabriel, Catholic orthodox, Mainstay of the Monophysites, Ecbatana, Rhagus, Path of deliverance, Successful Arabs, Clear, Outlying, northern branch of the Arabs, Inhabitants of Arabia, Fanatics, People of South Arabia, Script