Culture of Nicaragua

Culture of Nicaragua - Home

Home, Extinct 3 language S, Southernmost area, Constitutional demos with racy executive, Agricultural, largest, Central, American, largest country with borders in Central America, Construction, Member of the Central American Common Market, Secular state, Mixture, Bankrupt, Poorest one countries in the western hemisphere, Poorest one nations in the western hemisphere, 160 km

Sex and the law

Sex and the law - Forms of human, sexual behavior

Forms of human, sexual behavior, Crimes of violence, Fisheries, Marine environment, India, Sri Lanka, Crime in many countries, Party, 1980 Hague Convention, Coral reef country, Fishing, Governor of the Central bank, Evident use of laws, Available MARAD website, Warm, tropical, High year, Public servants, Drier, southern atolls


Italy - Founding leading member

Founding leading member, Twelfth, largest carbon dioxide producer, Part of the European, single market, First, only, important country in the development to exploit geothermal energy until 1950s, Forefront of the progressive rock, Prominent field of design

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Member of the International Criminal Court

Member of the International Criminal Court, Observer of the Organisation Internationale, Popular, regional immigration destination, Point, Located 8 12 degrees north of the Equator, First Central American nations

The World Factbook

The World Factbook - Available National Technical Information Service

Available National Technical Information Service, Available form of a website, Public domain, Available 2006 Central Intelligence Agency Web site, Public domain, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, Comprehensive compendium of Profiles, Raw data from any source, Dominant factor, Annual number of female deaths, Factor, Direct measure of the level, Process, Antarctica, Oceans, World Factbook


Netherlands - Third country in the world

Third country in the world, Country of philosophers Erasmus, One founding members of the Benelux, Top, secular one countries in the Global Enabling Trade Report of Europe


Ethiopia - Multilingual nation

Multilingual nation, Place of origin, Diverse country, Global center of avian diversity, Site of the First Hegira, Process, Fundamental, independent one eight centers of origin


Desertification - Type of land degradation

Type of land degradation, Significant, global, ecological, environmental problem, Impoverishment of terrestrial ecosystems, Result of a combination, Result of the Sahara spreading


Bulgaria - Unitary, parliamentary republic with a high degree

Unitary, parliamentary republic with a high degree, Home, Highest point, Parliamentary democracy, Centralised state, Part of the eurozone, Net receiver of funds, Active member of CERN, Unitary state, Vibrant, liberal economy with robust, public finances, One countries with highest biodiversity, Corrupt one European Union members


Nepal - Multiethnic nation

Multiethnic nation, Member of the Non Aligned Movement, Multicultural, multiethnic country, Home at least, indigenous four sign languages of the much Himalaya mountain range, Famous Lord Shiva temple, Federal, secular, parliamentary republic, Late entrant into the modern world, Trapezoidal shape with an area, Few one countries in Asia, Popular mountaineering


Thailand - Constitutional monarchy

Constitutional monarchy, 2nd, largest economy in Southeast Asia, Large producer of natural gas, Largest newspaper market in Southeast Asia


Denmark - Home

Home, Smaller mammals, Representative democracy with universal suffrage, Many, multinational companies, Homogeneous nation


Rwanda - Member of the United Nations

Member of the United Nations, Country of few, natural resources, National army of Rwanda, One two countries with a female majority

Geography of the Republic of Macedonia

Geography of the Republic of Macedonia - Part of the wider region

Part of the wider region, Major transportation corridor from western Central Europe, Landlocked country has major, natural three lakes, July, Landlocked country, Longest, important river in the Republic, Site, Mountain Belasica, South, Mount Gjeravica at 8,714 feet, Rich minerals, Short, Abundant, western, eastern parts of the country, Largest, Smallest, only 37 km, Equal, entire territory of the Republic, Highest municipalities, Lowest Resen, Largest, biological one reserves in Europe, Flowering plant s


Laos - Key part of the Vietnam War

Key part of the Vietnam War, State in Southeast Asia, Constitutional monarchy, Mountainous country, Underdeveloped, agrarian country with a mixed economy, Rich, mineral resources, One nations of Southeast Asia

Geography of the Soviet Union

Geography of the Soviet Union - Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people

Atheistic country from 50 million 90 million people, Tashkent, Capital, Tadzhikistan, Fertile Triangle, Elite organization, Highest, administrative unit in the Communist party, Highest, legislative body, Ranking member of the Politburo, Endowed, major category of natural resource, Many ways, High, One investment, Varied, major factor was weather, Mount Elbrus, Great lovers of music, Sergei Prokofiev, Nikolai Miaskovsky, Black Azov seas, Caspian Sea


Lesotho - Parliamentary, constitutional monarchy

Parliamentary, constitutional monarchy, Southernmost, landlocked country in the world, Member of the Southern, African Customs Union the Southern African Development Community, Second, largest exporter of textiles, Alpine, Due, high, mountainous terrain, Eligible, preferential trade benefits under the African growth, Process

Biometric passport

Biometric passport - Traditional passport

Traditional passport, Available 1 January 2008, Available 10 July 2008, Same, traditional passport, Available 2014 costs, Purse, Valid 5 years, Available, governmental inspection systems on borders

History of Spain

History of Spain - Part of the G6

Part of the G6, Storied country of stone castles, Observer, Organization, Storied country of stone castles, Scene of constant warfare, First, modern, global one empires


Namibia - Home

Home, Small, Jewish community, Participants in the 1999 2003 2007 2011 2015 Rugby World Cup, Few one countries in the world


Philippines - Archipelago

Archipelago, Secular state although Christianity, Biggest supplier of nurses, First, tropical nation, Favorite one retirement destinations for foreigners


Kosovo - Disputed territory recognised state

Disputed territory recognised state, Secular state with no official state religion, Home, Many monasteries, Main state law enforcement agency in the nation, Part of the Ottoman Empire, Landlocked, central Balkan Peninsula, Dependent remittances from the Diaspora, Rich mountain s

History of the Maldives

History of the Maldives - Nation

Nation, Interesting country, Merits, Simple script, Suitable language, Active, equal member of SAARC, First landfall for traders, Formation of Maldivian Democratic Party, Clear, ethnic category having a unique language, Arabic numerals, Other letters, Tiny, less mile, Malayalam koya, Dravidian origin, Tourist islands, Calves