BAE Systems

BAE Systems - British, multinational defence

British, multinational defence, Security, Technology partner, McLaren Formula, Defence subsidiary of British engineering firm, Present India under the name BAE Systems India


SAP SE - Labs Czech Republic

Labs Czech Republic, Slovakia, Responsible product development whereas the field organizations, Located Germany, Enterprise resource planning software industry


Logica - Multinational it

Multinational it, Management consultancy company, Management consultancy, Outsourcing


Ryder - Intent

Intent, Proud member of the American Red Cross


Panasonic - Worldwide leader in the development

Worldwide leader in the development, Official partner, Sponsor, Original equipment manufacturer of factory, Joint venture company between Panasonic Corporation Japan, Shirt sponsor of English football club Nottingham Forest F between 1981 1983, Official partner, Sponsor

Royal Fusiliers

Royal Fusiliers - Line infantry regiment of the British army

Line infantry regiment of the British army, Light Division, One four battalions, Extreme right, Assault, First line at the battle, 1st Brigade under Brigadier Daniel Hoghton, Centre of the line, Brighton, Roncesvalles on 25th July, Located Royal Regiment of Fusiliers headquarters



, Brea, Sport touring motorcycles

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing - Advertisement strategy concept

Advertisement strategy concept, Concept, Alternative strategy, Effective way companies, Right approach, Form of associative marketing, Deliberate act, Digital billboard, Effective addition, Campaigns, Subset of guerrilla marketing, Guerrilla marketing type, Perfect, small medium size businesses, Ideal, small businesses

Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company - South Korea n

South Korea n, Multinational, automotive manufacturer, No, Confident, hyperaggressive company, Third, top selling, Automotive brand, World Rally Car, Top, valuable one 100 brands, Roll

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries - Indian conglomerate holding company

Indian conglomerate holding company, Highest income tax payer in the private sector, Retail business wing of the Reliance Industries, Asset based company, Associate company of RIL, Largest value fashion retailer in India


Frigidaire - US consumer

US consumer, Commercial home appliance, Prolific one refrigerator manufacturers in the marketplace


Snapple - Brand of tea

Brand of tea, Primary sponsor of Andretti Autosport driver Marco Andretti, Official beverage sponsor of America

Glenn L. Martin Company

Glenn L. Martin Company - American aircraft

American aircraft, Aerospace manufacturing company, Major contractor for the American space station, Leader in the manufacture by 1960s, One two finalists for the command