Nairobi - Capital of Kenya

Capital of Kenya, Largest city, Regional headquarters of several, international companies, Home, Several museums, East African School, Today of the important, commercial one centers, Base, International organizations, Coffee house, Restaurant chain, Home of the Kenyan cricket team, Home, Several universities, Centre for railway traffic, Focus point for the American television series Sense8 in 2015 2016, Few one cities in the world, Located Syokimau

Water privatization

Water privatization

, Successful, Same competition, Today, Private ventures


Famagusta - City on the east coast

City on the east coast, Important, commercial hub of Northern Cyprus, Home of the Eastern Mediterranean University, Home, Many, Greek Cypriot sport teams


Norwich - Wealthiest town in England

Wealthiest town in England, Eighth, prosperous shopping destination in the UK, Site of the first, provincial library, Home, First arts festival, Residence of the physician, First, provincial newspaper outside London, Second city of England, Home of jazz, Site of Norwich Crown Point Traction Maintenance Depot, Head quarters of the Norfolk Yeomanry, Located Riverside leisure centre


Palermo - City of Southern Italy

City of Southern Italy, Main Sicilian, Industrial, commercial center, Home, Natural port, Key intersection on the Sicilian road network, Urban paradox, Annual ladies, Professional tennis event, Preferred, provincial, Carthaginian city of the Emperor Frederick II as the Royal Court, Warmest, main one cities in Europe on European route E90


Copenhagen - Home

Home, University, Major, economic, financial centre of Denmark, Number, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Gay Pride festival taking place, Hub of the DSB railway network, Oceanic climate zone, Rich companies, Largest municipality with the historic city


Iquitos - Main district of the city

Main district of the city, Main center of commerce, Home, Annual Amazonian Shamanism Conference, Endemic species of the reserve, Provincial municipality with a system, Urban origin of the city, Home, Numerous research projects, Located region of Systematic 3 Regionalization Map, Located, northeastern Peru


Hyderabad - Capital of the southern, Indian state

Capital of the southern, Indian state, Home, Unique dialect, Largest contributor, Gross, domestic product, Global centre of information technology, Number, Indian Premier League franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad champions, Control of the Musunuri Nayaks


Lviv - Centre of the Historical region a number

Centre of the Historical region a number, Only city with Catholic two Cardinals until 2005, Home of many, cultural institutions, Important business centre of Western Ukraine, Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, Hometown of the successful, popular, Ukrainian one rock bands, Centre of promotion, Polish birthplace of other sports, City of religious variety, City of fresh ideas, Largest museum of arts, Major, cultural centre, Biggest book fair in Ukraine, Important education centre of Ukraine, Main, cultural, important, cultural one centres of Ukraine, Largest one cities in Ukraine

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri - Largest city in Missouri

Largest city in Missouri, Home, Significant, national, international Architecture firms, Seat of the United States District Court, Only state, Area, 22nd, largest city in the Country in 1900, Home between 1931 1982, Calvin Company, First rail transit line in the region, Junction between the Dakota, Regional one ten office cities for the US government, 300 West Pershing Road, Nine Urban Youth Academies in development, Rife animosity


Rotterdam - Largest port in Europe

Largest port in Europe, Home of professional three football clubs, Successful, European baseball team, First, Dutch city to open a metro system in 1968


Manchester - Important cradle of the Labour Party

Important cradle of the Labour Party, Meeting place of Engels, Regional base for BBC, Home, Largest group, Contiguous sides with several, large settlements, Second, largest United Kingdom


Tiruchirappalli - First headquarters

First headquarters, Part of the Tiruchirappalli Lok Sabha constituency, Major engineering equipment manufacturing, Fabrication hub, Headquarters of the Trichy region, Second, biggest railway station in Tamil Nadu, One constituents of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association


Trieste - City

City, Seaport, 8th, largest city in the country in 1921, Located head of the Gulf, Oldest one parts of the Habsburg Monarchy


Belgrade - Capital of Serbia Serbian culture

Capital of Serbia Serbian culture, Largest city, Home, Many ethnicities, Important media hub in Serbia, Something, Easy fathom, Separate, territorial unit in Serbia, Main business district in the country, Capital of Yugoslavia the Serbian state, Oldest one cities in Europe, List of significant 40 fashion weeks


Nottingham - Home of the Nottingham Building Society

Home of the Nottingham Building Society, Headquarters, Professional two football clubs, Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team, Unitary authority, One boroughs, British one 18 cities, Amateur Rugby League club


Cologne - Capital of the Gallic Empire from 260 271

Capital of the Gallic Empire from 260 271, Home, 211th Infantry Regiment, Target of several, minor air raids, Centroid of urban development, Headquarters, European Aviation Safety Agency, Home, Numerous universities, Famous Cologne, Largest one street festivals in Europe

Cebu City

Cebu City - First class

First class, Urbanized city, Significant, significant, cultural center of commerce in the Philippines, Island of Bohol, Cebu Taoist Temple, Taoist temple, Major hub for the business process, University of the Visayas, Shopping mall at the Cebu Business Park, Annual music festival, Province in the Philippines, Home for many BPOs, Long, narrow island stretching 225 kilometers, Home, Historical landmarks, Team, Capital of the Spanish colony, Premier one provinces in the Philippines

Malacca City

Malacca City - Capital city of the Malaysian state

Capital city of the Malaysian state, Centre of political, economic administration, Main library in the state, Main channel, Located Maritime Silk Road, Located sides of the Melaka River


Bergen - Municipality in Norway

Municipality in Norway, Main base for the Royal Norwegian Navy, Southern terminus of Hurtigruten, Host city for the 2017 UCI Road World Championships, Oldest school in Bergen, Terminus of the Bergen Line, Main, cultural festival, European capital of Culture, Smallest one cities in Europe


Rajkot - Centre of the Saurashtra region

Centre of the Saurashtra region, 26th, largest city of India, Part of Kathiyawad, Home, Rajkumar College, First, private university, Administrative headquarters of the district, Headquarters of Muslim activities, Capital of the Saurashtra State the Saurashtra state, Home, Many personalities, Transition period, Multicultural, Popular one destination of Real estate investment, Located Gujarat state of India, Located, short distance from the city


Guelph - City in southwestern Ontario

City in southwestern Ontario, Home, Hillside Festival, Guelph Symphony Orchestra, First municipality in Canada, Responsible policy


Kazan - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Major, scientific centre in Russia, World Heritage Site, Capital of the Republic, Third, oldest university in Russia, Representative body of the city, Developed one cities in Russia, Capital of the Autonomous Tatar Republic


Maputo - Dry city

Dry city, Averaging, Melting pot of several cultures, Home, Dockanema Documentary Film Festival, 47 story building, Main, international airport of Mozambique, Home of the first, electric one tramway systems


Mzuzu - Home

Home, Mzuzu Central Hospital, Gateway, Northern region, City

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport - Hip in the trendy

Hip in the trendy, Region with great wines, Smaller, northern Valencia, Located, steep hill with many, narrow alleyways, Located, beautiful Tuscany, Top destination for skiers


Cheonan - Small town

Small town, Home, 26,000 capacity Stadium, Volleyball club Hyundai Skywalkers


Hiroshima - City

City, Part of the Japan Golf Tour, Japanese crty, Walls of the castle, Justified, necessary, different use of other, destructive methods


Kathmandu - Capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic

Capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic, Largest metropolis in the Himalaya n hill region, Important, industrial, commercial center in Nepal, Headquarters, Home, Number, Centre of music, Oldest football clubs, Television hub of Nepal, Center for art, Home, Several, international, regional organizations, Famous, lokta paper, Northwestern part of the Kathmandu Valley, Warm, temperate zone


Glasgow - City of significant, religious diversity

City of significant, religious diversity, Major centre of higher, academic research, Home of the oldest, rugby one clubs, Host, Many cricket clubs, Terminus of the long West Coast Main Line for suburban services, Populated one cities in the world, One four cities, One five places in Scotland

South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana - City in the county seat

City in the county seat, Home, South Bend Hot Patooties, Home, Several institutions, Home, South Bend Cubs, Home, First, artificial whitewater center, First community in the United States, Shortest overland route, Kankakee River


Miami - Major, port, important city on the Atlantic coast

Major, port, important city on the Atlantic coast, Major center of commerce, Leader, Major television production center, Major music recording center with the Sony Music Latin, Home of many college sports teams the largest one ports, National Hurricane Center, Major fashion center, Paso Fino horses, Twelfth, largest radio market, Seventeenth, Home, Largest concentration, Major Tourism hub in the American South, Marlins Park in located, Little Havana, Host city of the 2003 Free Trade Area, Few one cities, Unaware pattern


Berlin - Capital

Capital, Largest, Second, populous, international city in the proper European Union the proper EU of culture, Home about 200,000 Turks, Seat of many Orthodox cathedrals the German executive, Important centre in the European, German film industry, Central location, Several, international, regional television, Diverse gastronomy scene, Largest, Olympic training centre in Germany, Home, World, Tall lattice radio tower in the fairground area, Main convention organizing company, One knowledge, Part of West Germany


Derry - Inaugural UK City of Culture in 2013

Inaugural UK City of Culture in 2013, Town, Focal point for the nascent, civil rights movement, Fictional town in Maine, Home, Magee Campus, Much, popular use throughout Ireland

Southern California

Southern California - Home

Home, Large, homegrown surf, Many sports franchises, Number, Home, Many, major business districts, Famous tourism

Divine providence

Divine providence - Book

Book, Major, industrial, commercial, medical, financial center for New England, Home, Seven institutions, State capital, Largest city, Located head of Narragansett Bay, Only settlement in America


Aleppo - Economic, cultural capital of Syria

Economic, cultural capital of Syria, Origin of different types, International airport serving the city, Home, 177 hammam s, Major one stations of Syria, Day of anyone s time


Vilnius - Capital of Lithuania

Capital of Lithuania, Seat of the main government institutions, Major, economic centre of Lithuania, Host, Numerous lakes, Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, European Capital of culture in 2009, Flourishing capital of the Grand Duchy, Located southeast part of Lithuania

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City, New Jersey - Dock

Dock, Manufacturing town, Regional employment center, Home, Headquarters, Intermodal freight transport facility, Private art school in located Downtown Jersey City, Part of the Hudson Reporter group, Online newspaper covering Jersey City, USDA hardiness zone 7a on the west side, Located New York media market, Diverse one cities in the world, Great, awful

Le Havre

Le Havre - Capital of the canton

Capital of the canton, Populous commune of Upper Normandy, Major, French, third, best city in France located some west, Godmother city for BPC Mistral, Seat of the Chamber, Board game about the development, Located Academy of Rouen, Decision centres, Other radio stations


Beersheba - Territory of the tribe

Territory of the tribe, Booming city by 1956, Home base of the Israel Sinfonietta, Home, Rugby team, Hatzerim, First air base, Central transport hub of southern Israel, Israeli hands, South of Yehud Medinata


Lisbon - Capital

Capital, Largest, Portuguese city besides Porto, Site of the regicide three revolutions, European Capital of culture in 1994, European Union agreement on measures, Oldest one cities in the world


Carthage - Centre

Centre, Capital city, New Tyre, Colony of Tyre, Largest one cities of the Hellenistic period, Later invention, Located coast


Quetta - Provincial capital

Provincial capital, Largest city, Centre for all types of business, Pakistani, Professional Twenty20 cricket team, Famous, dry fruit, Western side of Pakistan, Highest one railway stations in Pakistan, Domestic cricket team represented the city

Union City, New Jersey

Union City, New Jersey - City in Hudson County

City in Hudson County, Home, Two Carnegie Libraries, Part of the Hudson Reporter group, Major training ground for actors, Time, New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel


Regensburg - Home

Home, Famous Regensburger Domspatzen, Elementary 18 schools, Major tourist destination, Locals, Local football club, Top sights, Central one towns of the Empire


Ashdod - Home

Home, Elta, Located Southern District of the country, Important, industrial one centers in Israel, One six cities


Sarajevo - Capital

Capital, Largest city, Slavicized word, Home of the East West Theatre Company, Council, Host, Many parks, Oldest, professional theater in Bosnia, Home, Birthplace, Host city of the 51st world in 2011, Ljubljana


Basel - City in northwestern Switzerland

City in northwestern Switzerland, Location of the Basel Committee, Home at least 65 libraries, Host, Array, Largest orchestra, EHC Basel, Forefront of a national Vision, Opposite side of the city, Third, largest Switzerland with a population


Havana - Capital city

Capital city, Largest, ancient city, Host, 11th Pan American Games, 1992 IAAF World Cup, Applicant to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Affluent, residential, industrial districts, Contiguous Mayabeque Province on the south


Donetsk - Industrial city in Ukraine of oblast subordinance

Industrial city in Ukraine of oblast subordinance, Home of the Donetsk National Medical University the Prokofiev Donetsk State Music Academy, Major, professional three football clubs, Football stadium Donbass Arena, Ice hockey club HC Donbass, Basketball club BC Donetsk, Donetsk Ballet company, 140 museums, Important transport hub in Ukraine, Important athletics centre hosted various events, One host towns for the Soviet 1978 1980 Athletics Championships


Nelspruit - Home

Home, Emnotweni Casino, Global headquarters of KISHUGU


Konya - Administrative capital of Karaman Eyalet between 1483 1864

Administrative capital of Karaman Eyalet between 1483 1864, Final home of Rumi, Important city of central Anatolia until 1923, Center for agriculture, Center of the largest province, Public airport, Military airbase, Few one cities, Oldest, urban one centres in the world, Southern part of the Middle Anatolian Region


Dumaguete - Populous city in Negros

Populous city in Negros, Port of call, First Saint Paul, Educational institution, One five areas, One Philippines, Top, new 10 wave cities,


Changwon - Home

Home, Changwon Exhibition Convention Centre, Few, Korean one cities


Vanadzor - Seat of the Diocese

Seat of the Diocese, Cultural centre of Lori Province, Resort centre in northern Armenia, Home, Many, educational institutions