Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions - Koleduvane

Koleduvane, State holiday in India, National, official, statutory, secular holiday in Lebanon Mexico, Prepared celebration, Public holiday in Nigeria, Important day of Christmas, Days, Normal evening, Public holiday in South Korea, Public holiday in Singapore, Celebrated, festive holiday in the United States, Celebratory meal, Family, Public holiday in Colombia, Main event of the night, Popular, urban, middle class in the country, Uncommon parts of Newfoundland, Occasion, Rich traditions, Tradition from the Middle Ages, Pierogi

Mary Harris Jones

Mary Harris Jones - Teenager

Teenager, Effective Mine Workers, Individualist, Wendell Phillips of the labor movement, Forceful, picturesque one figures of the American labor movement, Doubtful good

Robin Hood

Robin Hood - Hero

Hero, Ic outlaw, Medieval character, Mere simpleton on the contrary, Outwood


Shiva - Primal soul

Primal soul, Pure consciousness, Character in the Xbox game, Second kind of hero, Principal one deities of Hinduism


Arthrogryposis - Diagnosis

Diagnosis, Clinical finding, Syndrome involving multiple, persistent, joint contractures, Rare condition


Toy - Item

Item, Set of simple, wooden blocks

Tax rate

Tax rate - Ratio of the total amount

Ratio of the total amount, Tax rate, Individual, Tax percentage on the last dollar, Flat tax, Highest amount that the federal government

Human nutrition

Human nutrition - Sole cause

Sole cause, Treatment, Chronic problem linked to poverty, Responsible, small prevalence of low, birthweight infants, Essential growth of children

The King and I

The King and I - Immediate hit winning Tony Awards

Immediate hit winning Tony Award s, Edward Greenberg with the Robbins choreography, Special Sunday night show on June, Gertrude Lawrence, Time for a fourth, longest Broadway musical, Foreign, full, strange harmonies, , Available CD, Expression of fear

Dilton Marsh

Dilton Marsh - Village

Village, Civil parish, Tithing of the ancient parish, Fair, responsible, several, unauthorised absences

Lead poisoning

Lead poisoning - Type of metal poisoning

Type of metal poisoning, Ubiquitous everyone has some measurable blood lead level, Preventable, Rare countries across the world, Indicator of recent, current lead exposure, Frequent account of the widespread drinking


Diphtheria - Infection

Infection, Major cause of morbidity, Effective Prevention in a available number, Rare United States

Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler - Austria n

Austria n, Medical doctor, Early supporter of feminism, Active member, Pioneer, Active, popular child, Average student

Coarctation of the aorta

Coarctation of the aorta - Likely result of the extension

Likely result of the extension, Severe, left ventricle, Common problem adults, Development of collateral vessels, Noise, Good, Common coarctation, Higher narrowing past the lower narrowing, Surgeon, Common males, Less 2 weeks of age

Varicella zoster virus

Varicella zoster virus - One eight herpesviruses

One eight herpesviruses, Severe, healthy adolescents, Safe, effective, healthy children than greater, equal 12 months, Contagious, Contagious, notifiable disease, Surveillance data, Notifiable disease in the United States, Notifiable disease

Education in the United States

Education in the United States - Compulsory age range

Compulsory age range, One three OECD countries, Interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks, One series, Lower, white rate at Washington University, Rare satellite view of a cloudless summer day, Tallest monument in the United States

Our Lady of the Angels School fire

Our Lady of the Angels School fire - 4 days

4 days, Two story structure, Lead headline story in American, Only 207 classroom in the north wing, Small Sister Geraldita, One end of the north wing, Bad room, Terrible, Full oily, Dark, cold, Lights, Same, Interred side by side