Eads Bridge

Eads Bridge - Steel combined road

Steel combined road, Part, First bridge, Original solution to spanning the mouth, Undercapitalized construction, High, local steamboat operators

Cantilever bridge

Cantilever bridge - Bridge

Bridge, Forth Bridge, Example of this type, Major engineering breakthrough, Counterbalanced span, First rail, Original solution to spanning the mouth


Bridge - Structure

Structure, Simplest, oldest type of bridge, 6,450 ft with a main span, Use Although the iron chains, Mycenaean one four corbel arch bridges part of a former network, Stronger, simple beam bridge

Bailey bridge

Bailey bridge - Prefabricated bridge

Prefabricated bridge, Bailey bridge, Use until the reconstruction, Major one inventions of the war, Regular use throughout the world, Civil servant in the British War Office, Knight, 460 feet, Last use

Ship Canal Bridge

Ship Canal Bridge - Total length of 5,222 feet

Total length of 5,222 feet, 6,109 1,337 feet rises 325 feet, Only Art Moderne style highway bridge, Ambitious project, First, concrete bridge in the U, Massive, controversial project, Major engineering, Financial accomplishment, One five truss bridges in the U, Longest one suspension bridges, Eligible Criteria Consideration G


Marikina - Provincial capital of the province

Provincial capital of the province, One seats of the Spanish, colonial government, Biggest manufacturer of quality shoes, Main waterway in Marikina, Responsible law enforcement under the Eastern Police District, First city, Public science


Batticaloa - Major city in the Eastern Province

Major city in the Eastern Province, Portuguese derivation, Portuguese derivation, Terminus of a Broad, Last station on Batticaloa Line, Military air force base, Eastern coast of Sri Lanka, East coast of Sri Lanka, Sandy, located 4 km shoreline in the city, Confederacy of various rulers


Polmont - Home

Home, Controversial Avondale Landfill, Parish, Polmont F, Subsidiary title of the Duke, Located Edinburgh

KNX (standard)

KNX (standard) - Successor

Successor, Convergence, Future proof, Biggest building automation standard, Leading, worldwide standard in the home for home, Universal software tool enabling users, National association, Japanese, industrial group Daikin, One products integrators

Harlem River

Harlem River - Tidal strait

Tidal strait, Traditional rowing course for New York, Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse, Harlem River Community Rowing


Ilchester - Village

Village, Civil parish, Populous area of the ward, Base for Henry III, Part of the royal Saxon estate, Decline


Pittsburgh - Home of the several one state

Home of the several one state, Number, Popular amusement park Kennywood, Birthplace of Gertrude Stein, Home, Four Commonwealth campuses, City of bridges, Limelight with the popular Studio Wrestling, Free, natural disasters


Lagos - Former capital city of Nigeria

Former capital city of Nigeria, Home, High Court, Major Information Communications, Telecommunications hub, Various, postsecondary schools, Central, commercial hub in Nigeria, Fortunate, energetic one governor

Vince Foster

Vince Foster - 48 years

48 years, Member of that club, Distressed, depressed manner with consistent suicide, Fact in a distressed, depressed manner


Enniskillen - Town

Town, Civil parish, Site of the foundation, Site of the foundation, Host venue for Heli Challenge The Premier Helicopter Championship, Site of several events, Site of several events, Accessible waterway system

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland - Home

Home, Annual Maryland State Firefighters Convention, Eastern terminus of US, Location of Northside Park, Barrier spit

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge - Bridge

Bridge, 71 ft, Type of bridge, Located, twin cities of Howrah, 1528 ft