Burnhope - Village

Village, Civil parish, Property of Utrick Alexander Ritson, Name of a village


Ear - Organ of hearing

Organ of hearing, External portion of the ear, Complex structure, Sterile

Special Branch

Special Branch - Label

Label, Separate wing in the state police forces, Intelligence agency attached to the Royal


Rhondda - Part of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough

Part of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough, Famous, strong, masculine, cultural ties within a social community, Home, Strong, early Nonconformist Christian movement, Active, socialist activities outside the valleys, Circulation


Lychee - Sole member of the genus litchi

Sole member of the genus litchi, Mite, serious pest, Livelihood security for a large population, Excellent, fresh fruit, Drought in the tolerant, Renowned group of edible fruits, Suitable use of ladders, Restricted clay soil


Alabama - Alcoholic beverage control state

Alcoholic beverage control state, Military rule from the end, Few one Places in the world, Subtropical, coniferous forest biome, Mountainous Tennessee River, Southern transition zone, Located middle of the Bible Belt, Underway

Muzaffarpur district

Muzaffarpur district - Part of Tirhut Division

Part of Tirhut Division, Important centre for the wholesale cloth trade, Nearest town, Bahilwara Gobind, Bahilwara Rupnath, Important centre for the wholesale cloth trade, Main railway junction with suburban two stations, Largest, commercial, educational one Center in North Bihar, Located Muzaffarpur


Rhine - Eastern, European rivers Dnieper

Eastern, European rivers Dnieper, Don, Spectacular reach of the river, Border between France, Longest river in Germany, 765 miles, Significant, cultural landscape in Central Europe

Beaker culture

Beaker culture - Main period

Main period, Prehistoric material culture, Noteworthy, archeological finds, Individualistic, patriarchal battle as a status symbol

Lake Como

Lake Como - Lake of glacial origin

Lake of glacial origin, Setting of the annual, classic cycling race, Stunning setting as the Fiat Freestyle team, Humid, subtropical

Arsenal tube station

Arsenal tube station - London

London, Underground station, Located, narrow, Victorian, residential street from any main roads, Less, busy, other stations on the same stretch, Keen advocate on 31 October