The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book - Spiritual, philosophical book

Spiritual, philosophical book, Essence, Incorrect reference, Separate, typographical two errors, Humans, Overwhelming, inadvertent mistakes on registration certificates, Available research, Works, Amenable, common law copyright protection, Employer

The Saga of Recluce

The Saga of Recluce - Publication with the latest Heritage

Publication with the latest Heritage, Right balance, Place, Order, Cool plenty of action, Valuable addition, Saga, Medieval EuropeanAlargely preliterate with guilds, Endearing, Predictable, slow, Matriarchal band, Nylan, Magi of Cyador

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn - American actress of film

American actress of film, Tomboy, Fan of movies, Sassy, independent, adventuresome, strong woman, Responsible development, Enthusiastic film, Pressure, Celebrated, American one actresses, Something of a screen comeback

The Fatal Shore

The Fatal Shore - Kind of stuff

Kind of stuff, History of Australia, Huge epic, Real winner, Extraordinary, Discovery, Lleyton Hewitt, Full pardon, Expiration, Children of the convicts, Americans was the 2005 awards

The Legacy of Heorot

The Legacy of Heorot - Years

Years, Conscious reworking of Beowulf, Silent, brooding soldier, Good points, Sensational, Exciting times, Male, juvenile forms of the larger, female cannibals, Flawed people by the unlikeable end, Male, Female, Solid, nice use of mild brain damage, Simplistic, unsympathetic, sexist, many places, , Planet, Incredible, Lame denouement baffling

Jack Vance

Jack Vance - Author of dozens

Author of dozens, Writer, Treatment of alien psychology, Third five children, Tahiti at the time, Great writer, Voracious reader, Complete passage naming

Robert A. Heinlein

Robert A. Heinlein - American science fiction writer

American science fiction writer, Vocal proponent of the notion, Mentor, Ray Bradbury, Lifelong member of the International Fortean Organization, Promoter, Member of the Citizens Advisory Council in 1980, Guest commentator with Walter Cronkite, Principal builder, Austin Carter, Afraid Virginia

Sweden during the late 19th century

Sweden during the late 19th century - Altered, several times in accordance

Altered, several times in accordance, Ideal travelers, Richest one countries in the world, People, Harmony liberalism, Oppressive, corrupt system, Worth reading, Dull, uninspired recitation of facts, Fast, paced introduction, Basics, Short, forceful argument for economic freedom, First supporter, Sponsor, Opposition, Consistent, economic liberals

Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown - Fascinating woman

Fascinating woman, World traveler, Hick, Fascinating woman, First one women in the United States, More Hollywood myth, Famous one passengers

Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson - Scottish historian

Scottish historian, Senior research fellow at Jesus College, John Herzog Professor in financial history in 2002, Attendee of the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting, Creative