XML Information Set

XML Information Set - Application profile

Application profile, Restricted form, Abstract description of some part, Value of the property of one, Peripheral core information items have peripheral information, Peripheral XML processor, Three kinds


HTML - Markup language

Markup language, Specific application of the SGML, Way, Building blocks of HTML pages


P3P - Specifications

Specifications, Only option for available Internet users, Several kilobytes of data

Gerber format

Gerber format - Open ASCII vector format for 2D

Open ASCII vector format for 2D, Standard image input format for all bare board fabrication equipment, NC standard, Image definition standard, Numerical control format, Simple ASCII format


OPML - XML format

XML format, File format for an outliner application

Saxon XSLT


XSLT, XQuery processor, Only product to offer XSLT


Ocicat - Medium

Medium, Large cat, Breed of cat, Tabby with the background color, Agile, alert, athletic, graceful, full vitality

Data model

Data model - Abstract model

Abstract model, Abstraction, Permissive Document Node, Technique, Abstraction of the design concept, Diagram, Data model, Common term for data modeling, Abstraction, Tools, Artificial formalisms

Bull shark

Bull shark - Few, cartilaginous one fishes

Few, cartilaginous one fishes, Apex predator s, Opportunistic feeders, Fascinating species, Broad, jagged triangle up a top, thin, jagged triangle, Wider, heavier, other requiem shark s of comparable length, Free predators, Located, tropical, subtropical bodies of water, Dimorphic females than larger males, Bull shark of one


Flapper - Response

Response, Gibson girl s, Extreme manifestation of changes, Example, Necessity for anyone

Bill Shankly

Bill Shankly - Ninth child

Ninth child, Youngest boy, Devil in the piece, Happy Carlisle, Keen boxing, Fanatical Liverpool about football

John L. Hennessy

John L. Hennessy - American computer scientist

American computer scientist, Academician, Board member of Google, Director of the Computer Systems Laboratory from 1983 1993, One Founders of MIPS Computer Systems Inc

Orcas Island

Orcas Island - Home

Home, Historic three camps, Island of superlatives, Largest San Juan Islands, Accessible air via Eastsound Airport, Located Eastsound

John the Evangelist

John the Evangelist - Son of Zebedee

Son of Zebedee, Virginity, Young person with a short beard, John, Bird, Original one twelve Apostles, Common art of Medieval Western Europe, Unharmed, boiling oil so the emperor, White