South African Army

South African Army - Army of South Africa

Army of South Africa, Home, South, African 14 Infantry Battalion, Home, SA Army Gymnasium, Home, South, African 10 Infantry Battalion, Home, South, African 2 Infantry Battalion, Home, South, African 121 Infantry Battalion, Home, South, African 5 Infantry Battalion, Home, South, African 7 Infantry Battalion, Home, South, African 15 Infantry Battalion, Located Salvokop

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great - Proclaimed king on the spot

Proclaimed king on the spot, Pragmatic ruler, Ineffective Alexander razed the city, Call, Arms, Conglomeration of the villages, Numbering, Three hundred thousand men, Numbering of that 10,000 Antigonos, 29,000 hoplites, 1200 horsemen, Interrupted two days after the signing, Sock from the event

Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine

Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine - Siegfried Line

Siegfried Line, Attempt to expedite deliveries, Capture of Walcheren Island, Mr, Action, Miss Ruth Stout, 8th Air Force, Insufficient supplies, One beacon, , Beacons, Short manpower, Sole subject of the volume, Enormous space permits a few words, Bad weather, Part of the Army, Manpower through accessible, voluntary methods, Responsibility of a special Directorate


Artillery - Nose fuzes

Nose fuzes, Common means of target acquisition, Naval responsibility

Battle of the Trench

Battle of the Trench - Few number in poor equipment

Few number in poor equipment, Sheltered, such winds, More, Jewish 3,000 tribe of Banu Qurayza, Fifty years of age, Abu Lahab, Uncle, Trench, Angles in the present attack, One scarcity


Pilum - Javelin

Javelin, Typical, legionary weapon with the short sword Gladius

Fort Robinson

Fort Robinson - Former U

Former U, Great, historic one places of the American west, Located 1905 post headquarters building, Several one army posts, Located, strategic, logistic reasons


Cavalry - Mobile combat arms

Mobile combat arms, Important Blenheim, Innovation of equestrian nomad s, Private, military organization in the service

M1 Abrams

M1 Abrams - Only series of tanks

Only series of tanks, New configuration of the Abrams tank, Transportable truck, Early design period with the U

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge - Brothers

Brothers, Sons, Battle tested the worse brass, Failure, Complete failure, Sudden inspiration, 155mm howitzer unit, West, Higher, irreplaceable

British Army of the Rhine

British Army of the Rhine - Newspaper

Newspaper, Big wage increase, Short, Interested Army, Political, military decisions, Resort, Suitable, Infantryman, Insufficient, Vital N, Located vicinity of Cologne, Use, Suez, Larger proportion of civilians, Engineers, Signallers, Men with large families

History of the tank

History of the tank - Same size of the first tank

Same size of the first tank, Advanced development of armoured, mechanized forces, Slight addition, Only, German tank of World War I, Clumsy monster weighing 30 tons, Superheavy Char 2C, Largest tank, Need of attention, Mechanical reliability, Firepower

Combat boot

Combat boot - Military boots

Military boot s, Current issue, New item, Few men, Principal shoe used procurement, Unlined