Loch Shiel

Loch Shiel - Freshwater loch

Freshwater loch, 120 m, Location of the fictional Black Lake, Small, broad loch, Simple basin, Narrow triangle towards the broadest, south AA, Small, triangular loch, Middle loch of the chain, Narrow loch running to the east, west, close, south shore, Sea level, Irregular form, Tidal, Remarkable scarcity of common lacustrine species

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park - Fourth, largest, urban park in Tokyo

Fourth, largest, urban park in Tokyo, Popular Tokyo destination, Part of vast, green land, Landfill, Many, naturalized plants, Located 3 cities, Oldest one parks in Japan, Great picnics, Located Zenpukuji River

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve - Transitional zone

Transitional zone, Upper Glacier Bay, Natural laboratory drawing scientists, Headquarters for the Conservation Study Institute, Development Although many sites, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National, Different ice, Favorable Forest Service

Agulhas Bank

Agulhas Bank - Broad, shallow part of the southern Africa N

Broad, shallow part of the southern Africa N, Major spawning ground for pelagic fish, Spawning, Nursery area, Natural boundary between ocean, Western boundary current of the South Indian Ocean, Significant fisheries, Deep coast, Largest eddies in the world

Hurricane Klaus

Hurricane Klaus - Minimal Atlantic hurricane

Minimal Atlantic hurricane, Classic Cape Verde African system, Powerful category, 3 storm, Worst, natural disaster in the western hemisphere, Oceanic hurricane, Large hurricane, Storm surge effects, Effect for the Florida West coast, Effect for this area as a tornado watch

Alton Pancras

Alton Pancras - Small village

Small village, Civil, irregularly, shaped parish of 2,280 acres, West Dorset, Dorset Area of Outstanding, natural Beauty

Moccasin Bend

Moccasin Bend - Archeological site in Chattanooga

Archeological site in Chattanooga, National park in progress, National Archaeological District, Unique park with a complex, Site of the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute, Part of the Trail the Cherokee Nation, Important area of land, Close proximity

Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida - Home

Home, Main campus, Several, Notable, private, religious schools, Tiny, agricultural community of the many farmers by 1900s, Miami, Frost, free

Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit - Major U

Major U, Largest city, Metro area, Important source of engineering, Prominent business center with major, commercial districts, Only, international wildlife, Center


Ahmedabad - Second, largest cotton textile centre in India

Second, largest cotton textile centre in India, Fifth, populous city, Seventh, populous, urban agglomeration, Home, Large population, Largest, industrial center in Gujarat, Administrative headquarters of Ahmedabad district, Important city of Gujarat, Centre of the cotton industry, Few one cities in India, One six operating divisions in the western railway zone

Fox River (Illinois River tributary)

Fox River (Illinois River tributary) - Tributary of the Illinois River

Tributary of the Illinois River, Largest Village in this area, Principal, perennial stream in the watershed, Navigable Iron Bridge in Tichigan, Largest Fox River Basin watersheds, Located Waukesha County with a small portion, Located Waukesha County with a small portion, Mix of good quality

Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley - Desert valley in Southern California

Desert valley in Southern California, Northwestern extension of the Sonoran Desert, Largest area of desert irrigation development, Popular celebrities from Frank Sinatra, Located, lower Colorado Desert region of southern California


Thessaloniki - European 2014 Youth Capital

European 2014 Youth Capital, Capital of the Sanjak, Janissary stronghold, Home of a number since 2010, Numerous, notable, Byzantine monuments, Popular tourist destination in Greece, Second, largest city in Greece, Seat of two symphony orchestras, Major center of education, Open University, Home, Moni Lazariston, Home, Number, Important event

Minnesota State Highway 61

Minnesota State Highway 61 - 61 highway in northeast Minnesota

61 highway in northeast Minnesota, Located northeast of Two Harbors, Located northeast of Schroeder, Located highway 61, Located Lake County between Two Harbors, Located Lake County at the base, Located Cook County between Lutsen, Located Cook County on the banks

Amargosa River

Amargosa River - Intermittent waterway

Intermittent waterway, 185 miles, Ancient stream following an antecedent canyon, Largest drainage system in the Mojave Desert, 100 miles of Las Vegas, 125 miles


Tyumen - First, Russian settlement in Siberia

First, Russian settlement in Siberia, Location for a few episodes, Major, economic center within five within six, Source for the the Soviet, Russian sport reserve, Important service center for the gas, Destination for a fair number, Important business center, Administrative center of the oblast, Tyumen Regional Scientific Library after D, Russian one towns, Common one venues for tours, Contemporary Siberia