Probability theory

Probability theory - Branch of mathematics

Branch of mathematics, Generic term for the many, mathematical models, One probability, Branch probability, Mathematical statistics, Relative latecomer in intellectual history, Branch of mathematics, Ubiquitous, Important decision making


MIDI - Technical standard

Technical standard, Set of commands, Acronym for musical Instrument Digital Interface, Set of SysEx commands, Instruction, Example of a System Common message, Standardized MMA as a way

Sheet metal

Sheet metal - Metal

Metal, Prevalent aircraft construction material by all measures, Available, flat pieces


WinFS - Technology without any traction

Technology without any traction, Common repository, Meaningful OS differentiator, Ambitious effort, Dead Cairo, Dead, System, SQL Server database files with the filestream attribute

Video modulation

Video modulation - Strategy

Strategy, Available product with great promise, Discrete levels, Manifest displacement of the vectorial relationship


UNIVAC - Acronym for UNIV ersal a

Acronym for UNIV ersal a, Military 1232 version, UNIVAC I mainframe computer, Improvement, UNIVAC I, Compatible, other UNIVAC tape units, Available world, Use in all three branches

Community radio

Community radio - Radio service offering a third model

Radio service offering a third model, Grassroots movement, Important part of programming, Strong step, Operation in the mining districts, Located Jimma University, Front lines of the fights, Exclusive domain of Radio Nepal before 1994


Glyphosate - Third analog

Third analog, Aminophosphonic analogue of the natural amino acid Glycine, Acid molecule, Active ingredient in herbicide formulations, Chelating agent, Toxic amphibians, Risk


KDE - Brazilian, female group of users

Brazilian, female group of users, KDE community with a constitution, Software repository, Internal community release concept, 2009 premiere meeting of the KDE Americas


Pump - Device

Device, Good, economical choice, Important aspect, Pumps, One method, Positive displacement pump, Ideal pump, Ideal liquids with higher viscosities


Mirror - Object

Object, Ordinary mirror, Passive device s, Devices, Sharp

User interface

User interface - Interface method

Interface method, Structured approach, Interface design, Rudimentary, Unforgiving, strict syntaxes, Physical, spatial interfaces, Graphical user interfaces

Radix sort

Radix sort - Stable way

Stable way, Keys, LSB, Bizarre sort routine, Multipass sort, Number, Way


Zigbee - IEEE in the 802

IEEE in the 802, Zigbee protocol, Global one standards of communication protocol, DotDot